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Quick was established in 1982 in Italy by Michele Marzucco and Alfonso Peduto and today designs and manufacturers high-end marine equipment from an all-incompassing facility in Italy.

It all began when the pair started PM Marine, a sales, installation, and after-sales management of marine electronics, refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating. In 1992 PM Marine acquired Quick and soon branched out to the USA with Quick USA Inc, and to the UK with Quick UK in 2018.

In 2018 Mr Marzucco began to rebuy sold shares and opened the business up to his two sons, Chiara and Carlo. Starting in 1998 Quick began to buy companies with products and technologies they required to move forward, acquring the likes of Nautic Bolier, Scotti, CATT, and Sigmar Marine SRL who speialised in water heaters.

Along side some important everyday boat hardware Quick now offer a gyro stabiliser for boats which can reduce the roll of a boat by up to 95%, either at speed or at anchor.

Quick established itself as a quality and reliable manufacturer in 2015 when it was certified ISO9001.