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Rule - Bilge Pumps & Blowers

Showing 34 products in the Rule - Bilge Pumps & Blowers brand.

Rule - Bilge Pumps & Blowers

Rule is a worldwide leading manufacture of low voltage pumps and associated products for the leisure marine market including bilge pumps, bilge blowers, water systems aerators for home aquariums, bait boxes and tournament fishing aerators and marine shower waste systems.

Rule is an American manufacturer, owned by Xylem, specialists in water technology, and have a deep history for reliable, cost effective and durable pumps for a variety of purposes from leisure use to industrial capacities.

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Inline Water Pump iL200 Save 10%
£25.95SRP £28.99
Inline Water Pump IL200P Save 12%
£39.95SRP £45.29
Inline Water Pump IL280P Save 14%
£51.25SRP £59.71
Rule Submersible Bilge Pump - 360GPH Save 14%
from £23.29SRP £27.12
Rule Automatic Bilge Pump 500GPH Save 13%
from £76.60SRP £88.08
Rule-Mate Eco Bilge Pump - 500GPH Save 14%
from £73.60SRP £85.88
Rule Bilge Blower Save 14%
from £35.59SRP £41.52
Rule Float Switch Save 13%
£34.95SRP £40.28
Rule 2-Way Bilge Pump Switch Save 9%
£27.64SRP £30.40
Rule 3-Way Bilge Pump Switch Save 9%
£29.93SRP £32.92
Bilge Pump Switch Illuminated Save 9%
£38.89SRP £42.79
Rule Bilge Pump Mounting Bracket - Model 66A from 2017 Rear View with Pump Fitted Save 8%
from £6.79SRP £7.37
Rule Bilge Pump Red Strainer Bases Save 8%
from £9.40SRP £10.19
Rule Shower Drain Box Non-Return Valve Save 8%
£6.52SRP £7.07
Rule Bilge Blower Save 8%
£44.12SRP £47.81
Rule 360GPH Bilge Pump & Float Switch Save 14%
from £55.35SRP £64.57
Rule 800/1100 Submersible Bilge Pump Straight Ports Save 8%
from £10.42SRP £11.28
Rule ID20 Boat Inflator Adapter Kit Save 10%
£10.70SRP £11.90
Rule Rule-Mate Bilge Pump Blue Strainer Bases Save 8%
from £10.42SRP £11.28
Rule 3-Way Illuminated Bilge Pump Switch Save 9%
£35.47SRP £39.02
Rule Inline Water Pump IL500P Save 10%
£67.85SRP £75.38
Rule Rule-A-Matic Plus Automatic Float Switch Save 14%
£43.64SRP £50.93
Rule Bilge Pump Round Strainer Base Save 7%
from £5.95SRP £6.42
Rule LoPro LP900S Automatic Bilge Pump Save 15%
£69.95SRP £81.95
Rule LoPro LP900D Bilge Pump Save 14%
£51.95SRP £60.65
Rule Amazon 12v Portable Pumping Kit Save 10%
£72.65SRP £80.71