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Seaflo - Water System Equipment

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Seaflo - Water System Equipment

Established in 2012 Seaflo specializes in the design, manufacturing, and supply of marine, automotive, campervan, and industrial water system products such as water pumps, toilets, air blowers, water strainers, pipe fittings, and more.

From their two factories in Xiamen, China, Seaflo produce economic equivalents to recognized branded products found on many UK boats.

Seaflo is guided by its four pillars of business which include:

  • Quality first, always excellent - By using the latest technology, with best-in-class lab testing, Seaflo recognizes that using high-performance materials, together with superior construction and durability, leads to quality products for which they endeavor to create.
  • Performance - Through robust testing of Seaflo equipment in the factory Seaflo aims to consistently improve performance levels and produce products that can handle the harshest of environments.
  • Reliability - All Seaflo products undergo testing during the design and build process and all finished goods are batch tested to ensure continuity and reliability.
  • Relationships - As part of Seaflo's global reach they have a sole importer in England who provide supply and support for the product range, an essential aspect for Seaflo who look to improve products where questions are raised.

Operating from two large factories in South East China Seaflo has gained a reputation for economically priced, good-quality equivalents of well-known parts manufactured by leading, household brands.

Seaflo Shower Sump Drain Kit Save 13%
£89.99SRP £103.90
Seaflo Water Pump 1/2" NPT Straight Hosetail Port Save 12%
£3.46SRP £3.95
Seaflo 33 Series Pressure Water Pump - 11.3LPM / 25psi Save 13%
£77.99SRP £89.14
Seaflo 51S01 Threaded Water Pump Filter Save 13%
£5.99SRP £6.85
Seaflo 01 Series Bilge Pump - 350 GPH Save 14%
from £13.95SRP £16.20
Seaflo 06 Series Automatic Bilge Pump - 600 GPH Save 13%
from £37.95SRP £43.50
Seaflo Water Pump Straight Hosetail Ports Save 12%
from £2.60SRP £2.95
Seaflo Water Pump 1/2" Elbow Hosetail Port Save 12%
£2.60SRP £2.95
Seaflo Fixed Handle Bilge Pump Save 10%
£16.95SRP £18.83
Seaflo Bilge Pump Float Switch Save 11%
£19.95SRP £22.49
Seaflo 41 Series Pressure Water Pump Save 12%
from £74.95SRP £85.48
Seaflo Self-Priming Bilge Pump Save 12%
£134.95SRP £152.66
Seaflo 23A Series Automatic Demand Diaphragm Water Pump Save 13%
£59.95SRP £68.96
Seaflo Regular Bowl Manual 'Twist n' Lock' Toilet Save 10%
£149.95SRP £166.06
Seaflo Compact Bowl Manual 'Twist n' Lock' Toilet Save 28%
£99.95SRP £137.94
Seaflo SWF001 Water Strainer Save 12%
£29.62SRP £33.77
Seaflo SWF002 Water Strainer Save 14%
£12.65SRP £14.66
Seaflo Manual Toilet Pump Assembly Save 8%
£64.95SRP £70.80
Seaflo Accumulator Expansion Tank 8 Litres Save 14%
£46.95SRP £54.59