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Shurflo - Water Systems

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Founded in 1968, Shurflo is part of the Flow technologies Group of Pentair Inc based in America, now known as Pentair Shurflo. Shurflo began through the growing need for a dependable fresh water pump in the recreation market. As the market grew, and demands for outdoor living to be more like home increased the market required a solution to pump water from a storage container to the faucets, showers, and toilets installed on coaches.

Shurflo pumps were so successful and reliable that they expanded through the decades and now look to bring the very latest technological advancements to their pump design. For example, the requirement for ever quieter pumps is growing, as to is the need for low voltage fresh water pumps to draw less energy to operate, whilst also being more efficient!

Much of the success draws from the fresh water pumps but Shurflo also provide inline water filtration, bilge pumps, and washdown pumps these days for the marine market, travel industry, caravan and motorhome markets, and more.