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Sika is a Swiss manufacturer of high performance sealing and boning materials. Products such as Sikaflex are well known in the marine industry for its long lasting properties and strength. The formula used in Sika bonding agents suits the marine conditions well.

It all began in 1910 by entrepreneur Kaspar Winkler who invented Sika-1, a quick setting waterproof admixture for mortar. Sika-1 was used in the construction of the Gotthard Tunnel and allowed the Swiss railway company to electrify the route - a significant connection between Northen and Southern Europe. After successfully waterproofing Gotthard Tunnel with Sika-1 the Swiss National Railways continued to use Sika-1 on 67 tunnels on their network.

By the 1930's Sika had subsidiaries throughout the world due to the increasing demand for such additives. Difficult times during World War 2 and economic dowturns affected Sika hugely, narrowly avoiding liquidation in the 1960's.

The introduction of Sikaflex opened new markets for Sika in the automotive industry. Sikaflex adhesives were used as car windscreen adhesives in the 1980's and soon Sikaflex enabled Sika to move into the construction industry and aftermarket renovations and maintenance markets, particularly useful for many DIY jobs today.

Today, Sika use modern innovations and techniques to provide the best adhesives possible for a variety of jobs on your boat, at home and for industrial use. The popular Sikaflex 291 is a multipurpose adhesive and sealant.

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