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Star brite - Marine Care Products

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Star brite - Marine Care Products

Star brite was established in 1973 in the USA and was co-founded by Peter Dornau, launching with a single product called Star brite Auto Polish. A line of innovative television adverts, taking a 'junkyard' car from its dirty condition to a gleaming, new-like finish just by using Star brite Auto Polish - it captivated peoples imagination and was a springboard for new Star brite lines.

During the 1980's Star brite began to shift its product offering into different markets including the boat cleaners, aircraft cleaners, home care treatment, and outboard power equipment markets.

Now operating from their head office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, with a manufacturing facility in Montgomery, Alabama, USA, producing leading boat cleaners, waxes and polishes, teak finishes, waterproofing and fuel additives. Concentrating on using the very best ingredients and the latest in technology (such as the nano-polymers in Star brite Polish and enzymes in Star brite Fuel Treatment).

Star brite rigorously test each product to ensure it provides the best possible outcome in the most economic way. Wherever possible, Star brite try to minimise the environmental impact of each product, many of which are biodegradable, containing highly effective agents that won't harm our waters; such as the Star brite Sea Safe Boat Wash.

Such is the desire to produce one of the best and most reliable range of boat cleaning products Star brite have a dedicated reseach and development facility on their manufacturing plant. Their manufacturing plant not only produces all their products it also makes the packaging, from the bottle to the label, all on site. The facility has ten fully-automated high speed filling lines which ensures good supply of cleaners in the supply chain and quality audits at every stage of production ensure quality.

Star brite Boat Wash in a Bottle Save 22%
from £10.95SRP £14.02
Star brite Premium Cleaner Wax - 950ml Save 53%
from £15.95SRP £33.85
Star brite Marine Polish with PTEF Save 36%
from £27.95SRP £43.97
Star brite Spider Away
This product has been discontinued
Star-brite Ultimate Magic Sponge Save 29%
£3.50SRP £4.92
Star brite Liquid Rubbing Compound Save 29%
£18.50SRP £25.91
Star brite Marine Polish Save 20%
£21.45SRP £26.76
Star brite Boat Wash and Wax Save 23%
£18.95SRP £24.68
Star brite Vinyl Cleaner and Shampoo Save 23%
£9.95SRP £12.89
Star brite Vinyl-Brite Vinyl Protector Save 24%
£21.95SRP £28.92
Star brite Sail and Canvas Cleaner Save 24%
£15.95SRP £21.11
Star brite Vinyl Polish & Restorer Save 29%
£20.50SRP £28.73
Star brite Mildew Stain Remover Save 21%
£12.99SRP £16.44
Star brite Waterproofing with PTEF Save 23%
from £28.95SRP £37.70
Star brite Dehumidifier Crystals - Refill Pack Save 33%
from £4.50SRP £6.71
No Damp Dehumidifier Save 41%
from £9.99SRP £16.93
Star brite No Damp Ultra Dome Dehumidifier & Crystals
This product is not currently available
Star brite Boat Bottom Cleaner Save 26%
from £26.95SRP £36.64
Star brite Instant Hull Cleaner Gel Formula Save 26%
£27.95SRP £37.84
Star brite Sea Safe Boat Wash
This product is not currently available
Star brite Black Streak Remover Save 26%
£16.95SRP £22.85
Star brite Rib & Fender Restorer Protector Save 26%
£17.95SRP £24.34
Star brite Non-Toxic Pink Antifreeze Save 25%
£17.95SRP £24.00
Star Tron Fuel Additive Save 28%
from £19.68SRP £27.28
Star brite Ez-to-Store Ez-to-Start Fuel Additives Save 19%
from £15.36SRP £19.01
Star brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner Save 17%
£16.95SRP £20.45
Star brite Paddlesports Cleaner & Protectant
This product is not currently available
Star brite Xtreme Clean
This product is not currently available