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Temo - Electric Outboards

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TEMO was founded in 2018 by Alexandre Seux and business partner Justine Perussel in Nantes, France. Having sailed around the world in 2015 Alexandre decided to start his own electric boat motor, this would lead to the formation of TEMO.

With a good balance of nautical experience, technical ability, and desire to succeed TEMO are bringing a new concet of propulsion to the world. Their products are driven by the fact that the employees of TEMO are keen sailors so are just as demanding of their products as their customer base.

TEMO's key ethos is to provide the recreational boating market with products to help decarbonise pleasure boating to help protect the fragile marine ecosystem and make pleasure boating sustainable.

The TEMO electric outboard designs are innovative, patented, and award-winning, using the very latest in materials and design techniques. The innovative TEMO 450 Electric Outboard was one of their first designs and with approximately 70% of TEMO raw materials and parts being sourced within 100km of their factory TEMO are dedicated to reducing the burden that manufacturing can have on the environment. All TEMO outboards are finally assembled in Carquesfou, near Nantes, France.