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Founded in 1963 in Michigan, USA, Thetford manufacture portable toilets and toilet chemical sanitation and hygiene products for boating, caravanning and camping. Initially focusing on the American market Thetford launched into Europe in 1971 and later began supplying all over the world.

Renowned for their market leading portable chemical toilet range, Porta Potti, which offers a range of boating/camping toilets from the smallest Porta Potti 335, through the economic Porta Potti 165, to the hugely popular Porta Potti 365, and the more luxurious Porta Potti 565 (or Porta Potti Excellence) which offers more 'home-comfort' with its higher height and built-in toilet roll holder!

Many of the early Thetford Porta Potti toilets featured the bellows waste pump, a manual 'plunger' which activated the flush system. The bellows suffered from over use, and although this could be replaced, Thetford sort an answer to improve their hugely popular product. Thetford introduced the 'piston pump' as a replacement design. This new manual pump vastly improved the flush performance and largely prevented damage from extended use and has vastly improved an already robust and useful toilet.

Thetford have a keen eye on the future and innovation in new products, albeit new toilets or toilet chemicals, are all designed and tested at their in-house facility. Thetford are also well known for their attention to detail in after sales product support with the majority of replacable parts availble for repairing and servicing your Thetford product. The boat-friendly toilet paper is also a staple for many boating trips!

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