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Thornycroft - Marine Engines

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Thornycroft was established in 1859 by John Issac Thornycroft, a marine engineer. Thornycroft moved to marinise diesel engine for use in the marine market and in 1953 would have a selcetion of diesel engines ranging from 20Hp to 125Hp.

Thornycroft was a family run business until it became part of AEC / ACV Truck and Bus. Then, in 1962, Thornycrof twould be purchased by British Leyland where it would become the marine engineering division of the group.

In 1972 Thornycroft, now transferred to Beans Engineering, a subsidiary of British Leyland where it employeed over 1000 employees. The 1980's saw british Leyland break up and Beans Engineering, complete with Thornycrfot and Reliant Motors brands, was sold. Reliant Motors soon proved to be the downfall of Beans Engineering, and thus Thornycroft.

Thornycroft was sold off into private hands in 1995 where it continues to manufacturer marine engines and enjoys a worldwide reputation as a leading supplier of quality marine diesel engines and generators which are indivually marinised in the UK to ensure the highest quality and performance.

Some of the classic Thornycroft engines include the:

  • Thornycroft T-33 Twin Cylinder 16Hp 0.63L engine
  • Thornycroft T-50 Three Cylinder 23Hp 0.95L engine
  • Thornycroft T-55 Three Cylinder 21Hp 0.99L engine
  • Thornycroft T-60 three Cylinder 23Hp 1.06L engine
  • Thornycroft T-65 Three Cylinder 29Hp 1.13L engine
  • Thornycroft T-75 Three Cylinder 31Hp 1.32L engine
  • Thornycroft T-80 Four Cylinder 32Hp 1.42L engine
  • Thornycroft T-90 Four Cylinder 35Hp 1.50L engine
  • Thornycroft T-95- Four Cylinder 38Hp 1.50L engine
  • Thornycroft T-98 Four Cylinder 50Hp 1.60L engine
  • Thornycroft T-105 Four Cylinder 41Hp 1.76L engine
  • Thornycroft T-108 Four Cylinder 46Hp 1.80L engine
  • Thornycroft T-110 Four Cylinder 55Hp 1.75L engine
  • Thornycroft T-140 50Hp, T-145, T150 10Hp, T-152 15Hp, and T-154 20Hp engines
  • Also, the Thornycroft Type 10, Type 15, Type 20, Type 40, and Type 50 thornycroft engines.