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Ultraflex - Steering Systems

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Ultraflex - Steering Systems

Ultraflex was born in 1935 where it started manufacturing flexible metal hose. Soon after it later began producing push-pull cables for various applications. Based in Italy, Ultraflex and Uflex Management Systems are certified ISO9001 ensuring quality is a top priority.

Steering a boat is usually either controlled via a rudder, an outboard or outdrive or pod. These different forms of control move water to provide 'turn' to your vessel. Each of these generally requires a steering helm, of sorts, positioned in the cockpit of the boat - usually in the form of a steering wheel. The steering wheel, when turned, pushes-or-pulls cables in one-or-other direction which in turn changes the direction of the stern gear used to turn the boat. (Other systems do exist so check you specific manufacturers details).

Ultraflex provide a full product selection of steering components through boat steering wheels, boat steering helms, replacement boat steering cables and full package boat steering systems.

Ultraflex B400 Control
This product is not currently available
Ultraflex R2 105mm Cable Grommets Save 15%
from £6.42SRP £7.57
Ultraflex T85 Rotary Steering Helm - Black Bezel Save 20%
£79.95SRP £100.37
Ultraflex M66 Heavy Duty Steering Cable Save 8%
from £99.99SRP £108.96
Ultraflex V45 Three Spoke Steering Wheel Save 7%
£48.95SRP £52.45
Steering Cable Adapter M66-D290 Save 6%
£18.41SRP £19.68
Ultraflex T67 Rotary Steering Helm - Black Bezel Save 21%
£58.85SRP £74.20
Ultraflex Steering Cable Clevis Save 11%
£29.95SRP £33.62
Ultraflex S62 Short Steering Cable Support Save 10%
£47.95SRP £53.02
Ultraflex S61 Long Steering Cable Support Save 9%
£51.65SRP £56.81
Ultraflex S55 Dual Steering Cable Support Save 10%
£60.76SRP £67.18