Ultraflex - Steering Systems

Ultraflex was born in 1935 where it started manufacturing flexible metal hose. Soon after it later began producing push-pull cables for various applications. Based in Italy, Ultraflex and Uflex Management Systems are certified ISO9001 ensuring quality is a top priority.

Steering a boat is usually either controlled via a rudder, an outboard or outdrive or pod. These different forms of control move water to provide 'turn' to your vessel. Each of these generally requires a steering helm, of sorts, positioned in the cockpit of the boat - usually in the form of a steering wheel. The steering wheel, when turned, pushes-or-pulls cables in one-or-other direction which in turn changes the direction of the stern gear used to turn the boat. (Other systems do exist so check you specific manufacturers details).

Ultraflex provide a full product selection of steering components through boat steering wheels, boat steering helms, replacement boat steering cables and full package boat steering systems.

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Hydraulic Steering Oil
Save: £3.80 (17%)
Ultraflex B400 Control
This product is not currently available
Ultraflex R2 105mm Cable Grommets
from £6.42
Save: £1.15 (15%)
Ultraflex T85 Rotary Steering Helm - Black Bezel
Save: £20.42 (20%)
Ultraflex M66 Heavy Duty Steering Cable
Save: £29.85 (28%)
Ultraflex V45 Three Spoke Steering Wheel
Save: £1.53 (3%)
Steering Cable Adapter M66-D290
Save: £1.27 (6%)