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Shop by Brand at Sheridan Marine

You can shop for boating products by marine brand using the helpful alphabetical list of the boating brands we currently have available online and in our chandlery.


3M Logo
3M - Marine Care Products

A global manufacturer of scientific-lead products including marine based cleaners and adhesive products.


Adlard Coles Nautical - Books, Maps & Almanacs Logo
Adlard Coles Nautical - Books, Maps & Almanacs

Publishers of useful knoweldge-based nautical books and maps which began in 1947 when keen sailor Kaines Adlard Coles wrote his first book.

AFT Aerosols - Adhesives, Lubricants & Cleaners Logo
AFT Aerosols - Adhesives, Lubricants & Cleaners

Manufacturers of high standard aerosol products such as Trem-Fix Adhesive for interior fabrics.

The brand name ALDE in black lettering with wo red 'forward slashes' before the text.
Alde - LPG Gas Leak Detectors

Swedish manufacturers of LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), gas leak bubble testers for the detection of gas leaks in gas systems.

Altitude - Nautical Marine Instruments Logo
Altitude - Nautical Marine Instruments

Manufacturers of classical nautical clocks, barometers and other marine dials.

Anchor Marine Logo
Anchor Marine - Boat Fenders and Buoys

Manufacturers of inflatable boat fenders available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours that help protect your boat when mooring.

Anza Logo
Anza - Paint Brushes, Rollers and Tools

Anza is a world leader in paint brushes, paint rollers and painting tools with years of research and development that has gone towards the development of excellent painting equipment.

Aqua Chef - Gas Cooking Appliances Logo
Aqua Chef - Gas Cooking Appliances

UK manufacturers of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) cooking appliances such as cookers, ovens, hobs, and grills for mobile cooking where gas is used to power the cookers and ovens.

Aqua Marine - Marine Equipment Logo
Aqua Marine - Marine Equipment

Concentrating on all aspects of boating Aqua Marine manufacture everything for your boat from on board living appliances such as gas marine cookers, to robust plastic boat fresh drinking water tanks and more.

Aqua Signal - Boat Lighting Systems Logo
Aqua Signal - Boat Lighting Systems

Aqua Signal is an international supplier of marine lighting systems with an emphasis on use of modern technologies and good quality marine grade lights. Aqua Signal navigation lights and Aqua Signal bulbs are just a small selection of lighting products that they offer.

Aquaflow Logo
Aquaflow - Water Tank Systems

Moulded rigid plastic marine and caravan water tanks for storage of fresh drinking water. Made with food grade approved anti-algae, tough shatterproof polyethylene.

August Race Logo
August Race - Cleaning Products

August Race are British manufactures of high quality, professional boat cleaning products, from the Boat Wash Pro to the revolutionary Boat Bomb anti mould air treatment system.

Autosol - Marine Cleaners & Polish Logo
Autosol - Marine Cleaners & Polish

Manufacturers of boat cleaners and boat polish, probably best known for their award winning Autosol Metal Polish which is distinguished the "World's Finest" by the International Institute of Quality.

Avtex - Low Voltage Audio & Visual Equipment Logo
Avtex - Low Voltage Audio & Visual Equipment

Manufacturers of smart, low voltage mobile televisions and TV accessories such as VESA mounts. Widescreen, DVD players, Freeview, FreeSat and computer connectivity are some of the features they specialise in.


Baltic Logo
Baltic - Lifejackets & Buoyancy Aids

Swedish manufacturers of marine safety equipment including life jackets, flotation rings and buoyancy aids.

Barrus Shire Logo
Barrus Shire - Electric Outboards & Lithium Batteries

UK-based marine engine suppliers and product innovation specialists supplying the marine trade with the very latest products from boats to engines, cleaners to paints and more.

Barton Marine Logo
Barton Marine - Sailing Equipment

A leading UK manufacturer of sailing equipment such as rigging blocks, winches, slide track car systems, cam cleats, clutches, fairleads and boomstruts.

Besto Redding - Personal Safety Equipment Logo
Besto Redding - Personal Safety Equipment

Manufacturers of personal safety equipment such as buoyancy aids and lifejackets for inland & offshore boating. With over 100 years of experience Besto are known for reliability and comfort.

Blue Gee - Marine Build & Repair Materials Logo
Blue Gee - Marine Fibreglass & Gelcoat Repair

A full range of marine build and repair materials such as epoxy resin, gelcoat, gelcoat colour pigments, expoxy additives, acetone, carbon fibre, kelvar and epoxy tools.

Blue Sea Systems - Electrical Components Logo
Blue Sea Systems - Electrical Components

Low voltage electrical components for marine applications including switches, power conversion, fuse holders, battery charging and instrument panels.

Bonda Logo
Bonda - Surface Coatings

A UK manufacturer of metal anti-rust primer for metal surface protection and preparation prior to top coating.

Bostik Logo
Bostik - Marine Consumables

Industrial quality marine consumables for boat manufacturing and boat repairs. Well known for their popular Bostik MSR Marine Sealant.

Bowman - Marine Engine Water Cooling Systems Logo
Bowman - Marine Engine Water Cooling Systems

Specialists in heat transfer technology manufacturing engine heat exchangers, oil cooolers and Bowman rubber end cap replacements.

Bravo - Air Pumps & Kayak Equipment Logo
Bravo - Air Pumps & Kayak Equipment

Manufacturers of inflation air pumps from manual foot bellow pumps, through to hand double-action manual pumps, and 12 volt electrical pumps. Primarily used for the inflation and deflation of stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and dinghies.

British Seagull Logo
British Seagull® - Classic Outboard Engines

Manufacturers of British Seagull outboard parts for the marine trade concentrating on classic British made outboards and their associated accessories and spares.


Calor Gas Logo
Calor - LPG Gas Bottles

Suppliers of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in 'gas bottle' form for barbecues, heaters, and cooking. Calor gas bottles are widely found on board boats, used in caravans, and for camping.

Camingaz - Mobile Cooking & LPG Gas Suppliers Logo
Camingaz - Mobile Cooking & LPG Gas Suppliers

Specialists in mobile cooking and suppliers of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) in 'gas bottle' form for barbecues, heaters, and cooking. Campingaz is widely used for camping and occasionally on boats.

Capt. Tolley's - Marine Sealant Logo
Capt. Tolley's - Marine Sealant

A pentrating liquid sealant for small cracks to seal and make watertight.

Castrol - Oils, Fluids & Lubricants Logo
Castrol - Oils, Fluids & Lubricants

Manufacturers of engine oils and lubricants and grease for machinery, cars and aviation.

Clean Tabs - Water Treatment & Purification Logo
Clean Tabs - Water Treatment & Purification

UK manufacturers of fresh water treatment and purification solutions for stored water, helping to guard against deterioration and contamination for small scale water storage on boats, caravans, camping, coaches, and motor homes.

Cobra Logo
Cobra - Marine VHF Radios

A US manufacturer of marine VHF marine radios from waterproof and floating handheld entry level VHF radios to built-in multi channel dash mount VHF marine radio stacks.

Coelan Logo
Coelan - Boat Coatings

A range of protective boat coatings for use on wood, metal and plastic surfaces to protect against all weather conditions. UV resistant and flexible coating provide long-lasting protection from the elements.

Comma - Oils, Fluids & Lubricants Logo
Comma - Oils, Fluids & Lubricants

Manufacturers of high grade mineral, blended and synthetic oils and lubricants for automotice vehicles, marine applications and light commercial vehicles.

Crewsaver - Lifejackets & Safety Equipment Logo
Crewsaver - Lifejackets & Safety Equipment

Design and manufacturers of marine based personal safety equipment including self inflating lifejackets, liferafts, buoyancy aids, rescue & safety floats and clothing.

Cuprinol Bilgex Logo
Cuprinol - Bilgex Boat Bilge Cleaner

Manufacturers of Cuprinol Bilgex, a trusted and renown boat engine bay degreaser and cleaner.


Delphi (CAV Filters) - Engine Components & Filtration Logo
Delphi (CAV Filters) - Engine Components & Filtration

Manufacturers of diesel fuel system and petrol fuel system components and filters to allow for optimal engine performance and fuel conditioning.

Dometic - Leisure Equipment Logo
Dometic - Fridges, Coolboxes, Cookers, Toilets & Electronics

Designers and manufacturers of mobile living accessories such as fridges, freezers, toilets, cookers, batteries, inverters and more.

DOT Fasteners Logo
DOT Fasteners - Fasteners & Poppers

American manufacturers of nickle plated and brass boat canopy fittings including Lift-the-Dot fittings, poppers and canopy eyelets. With over 100 years of development these metal fasteners can be used for a wide variety of applications from clothing to handbags, jackets to cars and more.

Dow Corning Logo
Dow Corning (Geocel) - Silicone Sealant

US manufacturers of specially formulated marine silicone sealant for sealing, fixing and adhering marine hardware to boats.

Duracell Logo
Duracell - Batteries

Global manufacturers for high performance, low voltage, batteries for gadgets and mobile technology. Power that last longer than standard zinc carbon batteries.

Durite - Electrical Parts Logo
Durite - Electrical Parts

Based in the UK, Durite supply high quality electrical parts and components for cars, boats, trucks, vans, motor homes, and agricultural vehicles. Providing aftermarket low voltage wiring, lighting, switches and more.


EC Smith & Sons - Marine Vents Logo
EC Smith & Sons - Marine Vents

A UK based manufacture and marine industry wholesaler and importer, EC Smith are best know for the plastic marine fittings such as their Ventilite and Ventair low profile weather resistant boat cabin air vents.

Ecoworks Marine - Marine Environment Safe Cleaners Logo
Ecoworks Marine - Marine Environment Safe Cleaners

Environmentally safe, responsibly made and excellently performing biological boat cleaners.

Elsan Logo
Elsan - Toilet Sanitation and Hygiene

UK manufacturers of portable chemical toilet fluids and water tank purification solutions, notably known for the iconic Elsan Blue toilet liquid.

Epifanes Logo
Epifanes - Marine Paint & Varnish

Dutch manufacturers of marine paint and marine varnish boat coatings, steeped in rich history and devoted to producing the finest marine yacht paints in the world.


Fabsil - Fabric Waterproofing Logo
Fabsil - Fabric Waterproofing

UK Manufacturers of fabric cleaners, fabric waterproofing, and fabric UV protection to restore the protective coating of fabrics helping to protect and prolong use.

Farecla Logo
Farécla - Professional Marine Cleaners

Farécla produce a world-class range of professional surface-finishing compounds for the marine industry.

Fiamma Logo
Fiamma - Liesure Equipment

An Italian manufacturer of technical accessories for liesure activities and recreational vechicles.

Fireblitz Logo
Fireblitz - Fire, Smoke & Carbon Dioxide Alarms & Fire Extinguishers

A leading manufacturer of fire safety products including fire extinguisher, smoke alarms, carbon dioxide detectors, fire blankets and heat alarms.

Formula One Logo
Formula One - Cleaning Products

UK based manufacturer of marine de-greaser, multipurpose boat cleaner and bilge cleaner for boat engine bays.

Freeman Logo
Freeman Cruisers™ - Classic Boats

Classic British manufacturer of GRP cabin cruiser boats renowned for their use of superior woodwork and craftmanship, most notably they were the first glassfibre based production cruiser. A brand of Sheridan Marine concentrating on the manufacturer of spares for this classic British icon.

Fuel Set Logo
Fuel Set (Liquid Engineering) - Fuel Conditioning

Fuel Set from Liquid Engineering is a complete fuel conditioner for your boat, that works with Petrol and Diesel and helps combat water contamination, keeps your fuel system clean, and lowers emissions.

Fulton - Outboard Motor Lock Logo
Fulton - Outboard Motor Lock

A US based manufacturer of the famous and robust anti-theft outboard transom lock. The Fulton lock clamps the outboard fixing thumb screws safely within its locking clamp to prevent unwanted removal.


Gorilla Glue Logo
Gorilla Glue - Bonding Tapes & Adhesives

A range of ultra-tough, durable and long lasting adhesives and tapes for emergency repairs and gerneral purpose fixing.

Grangers Logo
Granger's - Waterproofing Products

British manufacturers of waterproofing sprays such as Fabsil, garmet cleaners and leather nourishment and protection.

The letters BG logo for Guidi

Italian designers and manufacturers of high-quality marine accessories such as intake water strainers, pipe fittings, tank vents, thru-hull fittings and more.

Gurit SP Systems - Epoxy, Fibreglass & Resin Logo
Gurit SP Systems - Epoxy, Fibreglass & Resin

Specialist manufacturers of epoxy, resin & and fibreglass materials for composite construction, minor, and major boat repairs


Harris - Paint Brushes, Rollers & Tools Logo
Harris - Paint Brushes, Rollers & Tools

A leading UK brand of paint brushes, paint rollers and painting tools with exceptional quality and precise paint finish at the forefront of their vision. Provding paint applicators to experts for eception finishes.

Hella Marine Logo
Hella Marine - Boat Lighting Systems

Specialists in marine lighting Hella began designing and manufacturing boat lights in 1925. Today they make low energy, LED navigation lights and boat cabin lights.

Hempel (Blakes) Logo
Hempel - Paint, Varnish & Antifoul

A global manufacturer of boat paints, boat varnish and boat cleaners. Hempel has, for a hundred years, developed, manufactured and supplied the marine trade with high-grade, protective paint solutions for boats.

Henderson Pumps Logo
Henderson - Marine Pumps

Henderson Pumps are a classic water transfer pump company that made manual bilge pumps. Now owned by Whale who organise the manufacturer of Henderson pump spares and replacement parts.

Heron Maps Logo
Heron Maps - River Maps

Publishers of waterways maps and books specialising in the mapping of the inland Waterways of Britain.

Holdon Logo
Holdon - Instant Clip-on Eyelet

A Swedish designer and manufacturer of the Holdon tarpaulin securing fastener. This tarp fastener clamps to the material with a 'wedge' clamp and teeth ensuring a firm hold. It prevents the need to use the weak tarpaulin eyelets usually found on boat covers.

Hylomar Logo
Hylomar - Sealants & Adhesives

Globally recognised manufacturer of a wide range of high performance sealants and adhesive for theautomotive, marine, aerospace, electronics and general engineering sectors.


Imray Logo
Imray - Nautical Charts, Books & Software

British publishers of navigational charts, maps and guides for boat owners. Regarded as one of the most comprehensive yachting chart makers, Imray has heritage dating back to the mid-18th century and now published printed and digital navigational charts and guides.

International Logo
International - Paint, Varnish & Antifoul

International are manufacturers of high performance marine paint coatings for all boating situations. From International Toplac, a durable high gloss top coat to hard underwater International antifouling for the protection of underwater boat gear. International have been at the forefront of marine paint for decades.

Isopon Logo
Isopon - Fibreglass Repairs

UK based ISO9001 manufacturers of fibreglass repair kits, matting and fibreglass resin for minor repairs to boat hulls and superstructures.

Isotherm Logo
Isotherm - Marine Refrigeration

Italian manufacturers of 12 volt and 24 volt fridge freezers for boats. Concentrating on high quality build and efficeint cooling operation.


J-Type Marine Gearbox Logo
J-Type Marine Gearbox™ - Marine Gearbox Spares

British suppliers of J-Type Gearbox spare parts for the J-Type Marine Gearbox™ including gaskets, oil, breakbands, manuals, gears, clutches and more. J-Type Marine Gearboxes are proudly owned by Sheridan Marine.

Jabsco Logo
Jabsco - Toilets, Water Pumps & Engine Cooling Pumps

Jabsco is a worldwide leading manufacture of products for the leisure marine market including water system, engine cooling pumps, searchlights and marine waste systems.

JCS Logo
JCS - High Performance Hose Clips

A British manufacturer of high performance hose clips and fastenings with a rich ironmongery history dating back to 1768.


Kamasa Logo
Kamasa - Tools

UK manufacturer of automotive and marine tools and accessories with quality and value at the heart of their offerring.

Kontrol Logo
Kontrol - Moisture Control

Moisture and damp control experts, Kontrol manufacturer and supply dehumidifying packs and refills to help combat condensation at home, on board your boat, in your caravan, holiday lets, and in any other damp environment.


Labcraft Logo
Labcraft - Low Voltage Lighting

Manufacturers of highly efficient, low voltage LED lighting solutions designed and manufactured using the very latest technological advances and LED developments.

Lalizas Logo
Lalizas - Live Saving Equipment

Greek manufacturers of life saving equipment from lifejackets to liferafts, man over board life rings to navigation lights and more. Renowned for safety, Lalizas have been developing and manufacturing boating equipment since 1982.

Laser Logo
Laser - Tools

A UK manufacturer of economic, robust and high quality tools with designs based on customer feedback, technology advancements and testing.

LeeSan Logo
LeeSan - Toilet Sanitation Systems

A UK based supplier of marine based sanitation equipment for the safe transfer of waste on board your boat to holding tanks or pump out facilities.

Lucas - Vehicle and Engine Components Logo
Lucas - Vehicle and Engine Components

Lucas, with its iconic traditional green branding, are UK manufacturers and suppliers of vehicle and engine components from lights to alternators, electrical switches to wiper blades and have been known for quality since 1878.


Majoni - Boat Fenders Logo
Majoni - Boat Fenders

Dutch manufacturers of PVC boat equipment including inflatable boat fenders and robust marine buckets.

Marinco (AFI) Logo
Marinco (AFi) - Horns, Windscreen Wipers & Electrics

Electrical products suitable for harsh environments. Marinco manufacture shore-power, power conversion and power managment components alongside wiper motors, blades & arms, horns and spotlights.

Marine Pool - Safety Gear Logo
Marinepool - Safety Gear

Manufacturers of personal safety equipment such as children's life jackets, junior life jackets and pet buoyancy aids.

Marlow Ropes Logo
Marlow Ropes - Boat Ropes & Rope Acessories

A UK manufacture of world leading rope for the yachting market, specialising in boat mooring lines and sailing yarns.

Mastervolt - Power Management Logo
Mastervolt - Power Management

Specialists in the management, conversion and storage of electrical energy with solutions for power ranges from 300 W to 40 kWatt.

MG Duff Logo
MG Duff - Corrosion Control Boat Anodes

UK manufacturer of marine cathodic protection technology and sacrificial anodes for yachts, cruisers and ships to help prevent unwanted corrosion of boat stern gear and underwater structrual metals.

Miller Oils - Oils & Lubricants Logo
Miller Oils - Oils & Lubricants

A UK based leading manufacturer and independent blender of oils and lubricants operating since 1887 and specialising in classic and modern engine oil blends.

Minn Kota Logo
Minn Kota - Electric Outboards & Navigation Technology

American manufacturers of state-of-the-art electric trolling motors, electric outboard motors and smart navigational technology designed to aid anglers and casual boaters enjoy lakes and rivers for fishing on recreation.

Moeller Logo
Moeller Marine - Marine Equipment

American manufacturer of marine equipment from fuel containment, fuel lines and fittings, fuel fillers, battery boxes, and boat bungs.

Morris Lubricants Logo
Morris Lubricants - Oil, Lubricants & Grease

Morris Lubricants is a proud British manufacturer of oils, grease and engine lubricants. Focusing on modern and classic engine oils and lubricants to best protect your engine.

Motul - Engine Oils & Lubricants Logo
Motul - Engine Oils & Lubricants

Blenders and manufacturers of engine oil and lubricants ranging from mineral through to high-performance semi-synthetic oils for cars and boats.


Nanni - Marine Engines Logo
Nanni - Marine Engines

Italian manufacturers of marine engines specialising in the marinisation of diesel engines. Engine spares such as oil filters, fuel filters, drive belts and more are made to suit each Nanni engine.

Nasa - Marine Instruments Logo
Nasa - Marine Instruments

Designers and manufacturers of intelligent electronics for boats including depth sounders, distance logs, battery monitors, and more.

Nauticalia - Nautical Trinkets Logo
Nauticalia - Nautical Trinkets

Suppliers of nautical themed trinkets and boating equipment to enhance the lives of any mariner.

NGK Spark Plug Logo
NGK - Spark Plugs

Manufacturers of combustion engine spark plugs, glow plugs, ignition coils, and ignition leads for the automotive and marine markets.

Nicholson - Books, Maps & Charts Logo
Nicholson - Books, Maps & Charts

Publishers of maps, charts, and river guide books with information about UK waterways and their local amenities using Ordinance Survey mapping.

Numax - Marine Batteries Logo
Numax - Marine Batteries

A UK based low voltage battery manufacturer providing 12 volt batteries for marine, leisure, cars, and trucks as either an engine start battery or domestic appliances power source.

Nuova Rade Logo
Nuova Rade - Boating Equipment

Nuova Rade manufacture a variety of plastic boat equipment from battery boxes to deck equipment, tanks and accessories.


One-Chem Logo
One-Chem - Environmentally Friendly Toilet Chemicals & Multi-purpose Cleaners

One-Chem is an innovative brand of environmentally friendly toilet chemicals and multi-purpose cleaners.

Osculati Logo
Osculati - Designers and manufacturers of Marine Equipment

A large Italian marine equipment supplier who designs, manufactures, and supplies high-quality marine fixtures and fittings from deck hardware to lighting, fuel system components and stainless steel fittings.

Owatrol Marine Logo
Owatrol Marine - Boat Protection Solutions

A Norwegian and American manufacturer of world-renowned marine protective coatings for wood, metal, gelcoat and more.


Pela - Oil Extractors Logo
Pela - Oil Extractors

A dutch manufacturer of the popular PELA Oil Extractors useful for engine oil changes.

Perkins - Diesel Engine Spares Logo
Perkins - Diesel Engine Spares

A UK manufacturer of diesel engines and spare parts. Providing parts for classic Perkins engines whilst also manufacturing new engine designs that meet new emission standards and performance requirements.

Perko - Marine Equipment & Hardware Logo
Perko - Marine Equipment & Hardware

US manufacturer of marine equipment and hardware including navigation lights, interior lights, battery switches and deck hardware.

Pilot - Gas Alarms Logo
Pilot - Gas Alarms

A British manufacturer of LPG gas monitoring systems with single sensor or twin sensor gas detection technology for gas leak detection.

Plastic Padding Logo
Plastic Padding (Teroson from 2018) - Fillers, Adhesives & Sealants

Now known as Teroson, Plastic Padding is a range of repair fillers, sealants and adhesives, including gelcoat, for the maintenance of boats.

Plastimo Logo
Plastimo - Boat Equipment

French designers, manufacturers and suppliers of marine safety equipment, life jackets, boat fenders, inflatable boats and a wide range of general boating chandlery.

Polyform Norway Logo
Polyform Norway - Boat Fenders & Buoys

Polyform Norway produce high quality, durable, and high absorption inflatable boat fenders designed to protect your vessel whilst mooring. Known for the popular Polyform A-Series and F-Series fenders Polyform Norway produce a vast array of useful fender designs.

Polyform US Logo
Polyform US - Boat Fenders & Buoys

Polyform US manufacture robust, high quality, inflatable boat fenders designed to protect your boat while moored. Manufacturing straight fenders and ball fenders in a variety of sizes and colours to suit most situations.

Polymarine Logo
Polymarine - Inflatable Boat Repairs

A leading manufacturer of material repair kits and adhesives tailored to the marine market. Specialising in aftercare of inflatable dinghies and ribs by producing repair patches and glues to fix punctures.

Propex Logo
Propex - Marine Gas Heaters

Propex are UK manufacturers of gas and electric powered blown air heaters for boats and caravans. Reliability, efficiency, and low power consumption, combined with forward looking developments, ensures Propex provide excellent, up-to-date products.


Quick - Marine Hardware & Equipment Logo
Quick - Marine Hardware & Equipment

Italian designers and manufacturers of high-end marine equipment and boat hardware such as hot water boilers, bow and stern thrusters, anchoring systems, and gyro stabilizers.

Quicksilver - Marine Lubricants Logo
Quicksilver - Marine Lubricants

Specialists at blending engine oils, lubricants, grease, and fuel additives for engine servicing and improving performance whilst protecting your engine.


Ring Logo
Ring - Electrical Leisure Equipment

A UK supplier of high specification lighting and low voltage automotive products for the leisure market.

Ritchie Navigation - Magnetic Compasses Logo
Ritchie Navigation - Magnetic Compasses

USA manufacturers of high performance magnetic compasses for true magnetic field navigation.

Royal Logo
Royal - Leisure Equipment

UK suppliers of premium leisure products to help make life outdoors more like home!

Royal Mariner - Clocks & Barometers Logo
Royal Mariner - Clocks & Barometers

Makers of exceptional brass and chrome plated brass nautical clocks and barometers.

Rule Logo
Rule - Bilge Pumps & Blowers

An American manufacturer of low voltage water pumps for leisure and commercial capacity. Specialising in boat bilge pumps and air blowers and water tank aerators.

RWO - Composite Marine Equipment Logo
RWO - Composite Marine Equipment

Manufacturers of plastic nautical equipment, parts, and fittings where durability and longevity meets an economic price point.


Seaflo - Water System Equipment Logo
Seaflo - Water System Equipment

Seaflo specializes in the design, manufacturing, and supply of marine, automotive, campervan, and industrial water system products such as water pumps, toilets, air blowers, water strainers, pipe fittings, and more.

SeaStar Solutions (Teleflex) - Steering Equipment Logo
SeaStar Solutions (Teleflex) - Steering Equipment

Manufacturers of boat steering solutions ranging from control cables, steering wheels, linkages, and throttle controls for marine application.

Shurflo Marine - Water Systems Logo
Shurflo - Water Systems

Shurflo concentrate on water system solutions providing technology based water transfer pumps and filtration fittings for inline application.

Sika Logo
Sika - Sealants & Bonding Agents

A Swiss manufacturer of sealants and adhesives for general maintenance and adhesion. Products include the popular Sikaflex 291, a tough, weather resistant joint sealing compound for marine application.

Smiths Instruments Logo
Smiths Instruments - Dials & Gauges

British manufacturers of classic gauges and dials for boats, cars and motorcycles.

Star brite Logo
Star brite - Marine Care Products

A leading US manufacturer of boat cleaners, boat polish and premium boat maintenance and appearance products. Products include the famous Boat Wash in a Bottle, Premium Marine Polish, and the new Sea Safe biodegradable range of cleaners.

Sterling Power Logo
Sterling Power - Power Management

A UK based manufacturer of advanced marine and automtive power products including battery chargers, inverters, lithium batteries, and power management controls.

Stormsure - Material Repair Logo
Stormsure - Material Repair & Adhesive

Manufacturers of material repair and maintenance kits including sealants, self-adhesive patches, tapes and glues for running repairs to material boat and car covers.


Talamex Logo
Talamex - Marine Equipment

German manufacturers of marine equipment with a vast range from cleats to inflatable dinghies.

TemO Marine Logo
TeamO Marine - Life Jackets & Safety

UK manufacturers of life jackets and safety equipment with innovative, patented designs to help protect boaters and sailors.

Temo - Electric Outboards

French manufacturers of award-winning, innovative electric outboards such as the eye-catching TEMO 450 push-button control, lithium battery powered dinghy outboard.

The Loft by Bainbridge Logo
The Loft by Bainbridge

A British sail manufacturers brand of sail cloth clothing and accessories all made from authentic and durable sail cloth.

Thetford Logo
Thetford - Portable Toilets & Toilet Care

Manufacturers of marine and camping equipment including toilets, toilet care products, cookers, hobs, and sinks. Best known for the portible toilet range Porta Potti with the leading Porta Potti 365 and most recent Porta Potti 565 Excellence.

Thornycroft - Marine Engines Logo
Thornycroft - Marine Engines

UK manufacturers of diesel marine engines, developing, marinising, and selling engines and engine spares. Thornycroft have a long history in boat engine supply with may classic engines still operating on the UK waterways.

Treadmaster Logo
Treadmaster - Anti-Slip Deck Coverings

Manufacturers of anti slip deck coverings and matting.

Trem Logo
Trem - Boat Equipment

Italian manufacturers of boating and liesure equipment from product conception, design, and supply.

TruDesign - Marine Composite Fittings

Specialist manufacturers of injection moulded nylon composite marine and hose fittings.


Ultraflex Logo
Ultraflex - Steering Systems

A US manufacturer of high grade boat steering systems, steering cables and throttle controls for marine applications. Focused on reliability and durability, Ultraflex are keen to innovate and produce cutting edge steering technology.


Vetus Logo
Vetus - Boat Equipment

Dutch diesel engine and boat hardware manufacturer with a 'System Thinking' product range so you can install a complete Vetus system.


WaterMota Logo
WaterMota Petrol Engines™ - Engine Parts & Spares

A Sheridan Marine brand of marine engine spares, WaterMota Petrol Engines™ concentrates on continuing the supply of classic petrol engine parts and engine service items.

Waveline Logo
Waveline - Marine Equipmemt

UK brand of boat equipment and safety products with accessibility and usability at the forefront of product selection.

WD-40 Logo
WD-40 - Cleaner & Lubricant

The infamous WD-40 is a cleaner and lubricant in a can that has thousands of uses at home or at work.

West System - Epoxy & Fiberglass Logo
West System - Epoxy & Fiberglass

American-based manufacture of high quality marine grade epoxy systems. Scientifically led to produce excellent composite repair and construction materials.

Whale Logo
Whale - Water Systems & Bilge Pumps

A leading British design and manufacturer of water systems for use in mobile or low voltage environments.

Wise Seats Logo
Wise Seats - Boat Seats & Pedestals

American manufacturer of seat assemblies including cockpit helm seats and seat pedestals.


XM Yachting Logo
XM Yachting - Clothing & Deck Shoes

A trusted clothing brand manufacturing reliable, durable, and stylish boating clothing for all weathers, both offshore and onshore. Designed specifically for the marine environment to keep you warm and dry.


Yachticon Logo
Yachticon - Boat Care & Protection

A German manufacturer of boat care and protection products from boat canvas sesm sealers to replenishing toilet lubrication oil, helping to increase the life expectancy of equipment on your boat.

YAK Logo
YAK - Kayaking, Canoeing & Paddleboard Equipment

A UK brand of personal floatation devices, YAK is a sister brand to Crewsaver, both of which are renowned for their excellent, comfortable buoyancy aids and life jackets respectively.