British Seagull®

British Seagull®

British Seagull started in 1931 producing Outboard Engines and it's still going strong today! Manufacturing and supplying spare parts for 'The best outboard motor for the world!'.

The British Seagull® Outboard

British Seagull Outboard EngineThe British Seagull® Outboard is synonymous with quality, hard work and reliability! With over 2.5 million engines having been produced, most of which are still running. There are few people who haven't heard of them or haven't 'experienced' a classic British Seagull.

Traditionalists love them, classic cruisers find them in keeping with their classic craft, more often than not they are found in the bilge and still expected to run and be reliable when the main engine breaks down. - Surprisingly enough they usually still start and perform in true British style.

British Seagull outboards are excellent as an auxiliary engine, having plenty of torque and solid parts.

British Seagull Models

British Seagull Engine NumberingThere are approximately 68 models of British Seagull outboard engines. Ranging from the small light weight Forty Featherweight & Forty Plus engines for inflatables and tenders, through to the famous Silver Century, Century Plus and more modern Curlew, Osprey and Kingfisher models. These are often found as the main engine on small sailing cruisers.

British Seagull Spare Parts

Spare parts are still being produced for the majority of the British Seagull Outboard range, the most popular items are the unusual spark plugs, HT Leads, Prop Springs, Water Pump Rotors, Gaskets and Piston Rings.

Manuals and Spares Books are 'must haves' for looking after and working on your outboard.

British Seagull - Find Out More

For more information on British Seagull Outboards and spare parts availability visit the British Seagull Website or phone British Seagull - Remember to always quote your engine number.