Autumn Cruising

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Using your boat in the Autumn can be very peaceful. Although temperatures slowly begin to drop, and the sun goes down a little quicker each day, the water can be a beautiful place to see in the winter months. Here you can find a selection of products that can enhance your enjoyment of Autumn on the river and help extend your season afloat!

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New for 2021

The UK boating season may be coming to an end as the nights draw in however we are still busy launching new products so you can keep enjoying your boat until you bring it in for winter storage.

3M Perfect-It Boat Wax - 473ml
Save: £15.08 (27%)
3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Compound & Wax - 473ml
from £28.50
Save: £11.33 (28%)
3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Heavy Cutting Compound - 473ml
from £37.95
Save: £15.08 (28%)
Fuel Set Fuel Conditioner Concentrate
from £26.95
Save: £1.01 (4%)
Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment
Save: £1.21 (7%)
Johnson 09-1026B-1 Impeller & Gasket Kit
Save: £2.53 (8%)
Johnson 09-810B Impeller & Gasket Kit
Save: £2.53 (8%)
Johnson 09-801B Impeller & Gasket Kit
Save: £4.00 (8%)
Johnson 09-1027B-1 Impeller & Gasket Kit
Save: £3.42 (8%)
Marine Exhaust Hose
from £28.30
Save: £5.34 (16%)

Season Boat Repairs

Relaxing out on the water is what having a boat is all about. Occasionally though mid-season repairs are essential! The drip on your head at night identifies those pesky leaks and those little knocks take chinks out of the gelcoat!... A quick repair may get you out of trouble before you can spend the winter fixing the problems!

Mastic Tape
from £3.15
Plastic Padding Gelcoat Filler
Save: £6.77 (30%)
Yachticon Seam Sealer
This product is no longer available
Freeman Gelcoat
from £16.99
Dow Corning Marine Silicone Sealant
Save: £6.35 (31%)
Sikaflex 291i Sealant 70ml Handy Pack - White
This product is no longer available
Blue Gee Epoxy Medium Kit
from £12.95
Save: £1.01 (7%)

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Boat Drinking Water Treatment

Keeping your boat fresh water system, including water pumps, pipes, calories, and taps, clean and in good working order prior to boat storage is useful. A good cleanse of the system can remove calcium, bacteria, and viruses whilst also helping to prolong your system elements. A deep freeze during storage of undrained water systems can also cause significant problems to hardware, sometimes forcing new equipment to be installed in the Spring.
Elsan Fresh Water Tank Clean
Save: £2.00 (17%)
Elsan Elsil Drinking Water Purifier
Save: £1.00 (11%)
Aqua Clean Tabs
from £6.40
Save: £1.20 (16%)
Puriclean 400g
Save: £0.04
D Scale Fresh Water System Descaler
Save: £1.29 (14%)
Puri Sol Water Tank Cleaner
Save: £0.70 (9%)
Aqua Sol Water Purification
Save: £1.50 (17%)
Whale Aquasource Clear Filters
from £33.12
Save: £5.52 (14%)
Flat Reel Hose
Save: £13.85 (14%)
Hose Clips
from £1.89
Save: £0.43 (19%)
Jabsco Aqua Filta
Save: £4.55 (7%)
Jabsco Aqua Filta Refill
Save: £3.03 (7%)
Aquaflow Water Tanks
Save: £3.71 (5%)
Water Container - 25L
Triangular Flexible Water Tank - 120L
Save: £13.06 (14%)
Water Container with Tap
from £9.99
Save: £1.04 (9%)

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DIY Tapes, Glues & Batteries

Keep on top of those home DIY renovations or repairs with a wide seletion of painting accessories, glues, tapes and batteries.

Gorilla Tape
Save: £1.04 (12%)
Gorilla Wood Glue
This product is not currently available
Gorilla Super Glue
This product is not currently available
Gorilla Glue Original
This product is not currently available
Evo-Stik Serious Glue
This product is not currently available

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Bilge Pumps & Bilge Blowers

With the engine roaring, the propeller shaft spinning and the rudder waving, your boat is now working... and working hard! As a result, beneath your feet  the engine is producing fumes that can potentially build up in the bilge compartment and water that can slowly trickle out of the gland packing. Bilge pumps and bilge blowers provide a sensible precaution against this.

Whale Easy Bailer Manual Bilge Pumps
from £26.99
Save: £4.76 (15%)
Inline Water Pump iL200
Save: £3.04 (10%)
Rule Submersible Bilge Pump - 360GPH
from £23.29
Save: £3.83 (14%)
Rule-Mate Eco Bilge Pump - 500GPH
from £73.60
Save: £12.28 (14%)
Rule Float Switch
Save: £5.33 (13%)
Whale Bilge Pump Orca - 500
from £15.99
Save: £3.77 (19%)
Rule Bilge Blower
from £35.59
Save: £5.93 (14%)
Attwood Turbo 3" In-Line Bilge Blower
Save: £9.65 (27%)
Rule Bilge Pump Round Strainer Base
from £5.95
Save: £0.47 (7%)
Ecoworks Marine Eco Bilge Cleaner
Save: £4.21 (22%)

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Boat Heating

Extend your season afloat this year by installing a Propex HS2000 boat gas heater. The Propex HS2000E heater runs on either gas or shore power for greater convenience and is available for up to three heating outlets. Additional Propex spares are also available from heater ducting, heater vents and heater flues.

Boat Seating & Cushions

Sitting comfortably on board your boat is of the upmost importance! If the captain is not happy the ship is not a happy environment. Choose from a selection of boat captain seats, boat navigator seats, boat seat pedestal frames and economic boat helm seat to exquisitely crafted hand made British boat helm seats.

Boat Toilet Equipment

One of the beauties of boating these days is that almost all home comforts can be installed on your boat with a little work and inspiration, including everything you may need for a very modern boat toilet cloakroom. Everything from environmentally friendly toilet chemicals, boat sized mini toilet brush and toilet roll holders, to rapidly dissolving toilet paper and toilet servicing kits help keep everything flowing in the right direction!

Jabsco Manual Toilet - Regular
from £232.95
Save: £53.86 (19%)
Jabsco Lite Flush Toilet - Foot Switch
from £599.95
Save: £286.32 (32%)
Odourlos (Odorlos) - 1L
Save: £0.63 (4%)
Elsan Blue Toilet Fluid
from £11.95
Save: £2.04 (15%)
Elsan Pink Toilet Rinse - 2L
Save: £2.05 (16%)
Dometic Sanitation & Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Save: £8.71 (54%)
Elsan Organic Toilet Fluid - 2L
Save: £2.01 (15%)
Jabsco Toilet Hinge Set
from £11.89
Save: £0.18 (1%)
Jabsco Toilet Service Kit - 2007 Onwards
from £40.91
Save: £3.13 (7%)

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Boat Canopy Fittings

Boat canopy hood repair and maintenance is an essential job at this time of the year. The canopy bars will have had some use by now so check that everything is in order for the winter; the canopy still has to work during the autumn months too! Everything from boat canopy clips, canopy pegs, hood slide kits and the latest split jaw canopy clamps are available to help repai or improve boat hood configurations.

WaterMota Engine Service

An engine service is a regular maintenance task. Checking, repairing and replacing items that have perished is an important project. From replacing water pump impellers, seals and 'O' rings to changing the engine oil, spark plugs and contact set to replacing engine gaskets and installing new core plugs and drain taps.

Boat Cockpit Tables

Installing a boat table to the cockpit area of your boat is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful sunset and calm surroundings whilst drinking a nice bottle of wine and eating a fresh summer salad. A removable cockpit table extends the use of the space onboard by providing your very own private al fresco dining experience.

Boat Electrics

Windscreen Wiper Motor Kit
Save: £28.46 (29%)
Dashboard Switch
from £4.85
Stainless Steel Horn
Save: £10.81 (32%)
Recessed Dual 12 Volt USB Socket
Save: £9.95 (27%)
Stainless Steel LED Searchlight
This product is not currently available
Midi Fuses
from £1.70
Save: £0.83 (33%)
Vetus ANL Strip Fuses
from £17.10
Glass Fuse Pack

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Boat Windscreen Wipers, Arms & Blades

Be prepared for the rain and repair, replace, or renew your boat windscreen wipers, boat windscreen wiper blades, and boat windscreen wiper arms.

Windscreen Wiper Motor Kit
Save: £28.46 (29%)
Wiper Motor Kit - Vetus
Save: £13.01 (13%)
Marinco AFi-500 Waterproof Wiper Motor Kit
from £172.99
Save: £32.09 (16%)
Wiper Motor - 2" Shaft
Save: £41.43 (29%)
Marinco AFi STD Wiper Motor Kit
Save: £20.37 (11%)
Wiper Arm Extendible for 11" - 14" Blades
Save: £2.39 (19%)
Wide Slide Clip Wiper Blades
from £11.40
Save: £0.65 (5%)
Black Finish Stainless Wiper Blade
from £13.30
Save: £1.12 (8%)
Black Polymer Deluxe Wiper Blade
from £5.75
Save: £0.08 (1%)
Marinco AFi Stainless Steel Deluxe Wiper Blade
from £22.35
Save: £0.34 (1%)
Vetus Stainless Steel Wiper Blade
from £14.95
Save: £1.00 (6%)