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Bilge Pumps

Electric Bilge Pumps

Electric bilge pumps are available in two main varieties, either basic pumps which are either on or off, or automatic pumps which feature built float switches so that as water is detected they start pumping. It is possible to convert a basic pump into an automatic bilge pump by fitting an additional float switch.

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Manual Bilge Pumps

Manual bilge pumps are great as either portable or built in pumps for smaller boats. The portable pumps are ideal for emergencies or taking with you if you have multiple boats. The built in bilge pumps are useful for small and open boats where there will be very little water.

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Bilge Pump Float Switches & Control Switches

Bilge pump float switches allow you to convert a basic bilge pump into an automatic bilge pump, they connect inline with the pump and turn the pump on when they detect water. Bilge pump control switches allow you to turn your bilge pump on or off and control automatic bilge pumps so that you can have them constantly on or switched to come on automatically.

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