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Boat Flags

Boat flags including the British maritime Red Ensign, club burgees, fun pirate flags, elegant courtesy pennants and decorative boat bunting all help to bright up the appearance of your vessel. Starting the season with a refreshed flagstaff, flag pole socket and flag brings an element of pride to your boating, and at times can also aid with the positioning of your vessel during those windy periods when coming into moor.

Boat Red Ensigns

The British Maritime Red Ensign, or 'Red Duster' is the civil ensign (flag) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland that can only be flown by vessels registered to a British port.

Boat Flagstaffs

If you have a boat you are more than likely to have, or want to have, a flag flying for fun or maneuvering guidance reasons. It is therefore crucial to have a suitable flagstaff, or flag pole as it is commonly known, to suspend your new flag from with pride. Wooden flagstaffs for the stern of the boat are particularly popular and smaller, stainless steel pulpit flagstaffs are ideal for positioning flags towards the bow of the boat.

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Decorative Boat Flags

Add some extra personality and character to your boat with some decorative flags and bunting. With the choice of bright and colourful code flag pennants to parade through the waterways in style with, to dark and menacing pirate flags to playfully warn off passing vessels and boat club burgees to show support for your chosen boat club, there is a flag for every occasion.

Boat Flagstaff Sockets

Positioning your flagstaff and flag is an important decision to make! Is there enough space at the stern of the boat to incorporate a fixed flag pole socket? Can it be deck mounted or transom mounted? Do I need to remove the flag pole quickly or not? And do I need the socket to be angled or straight? Considering questions like these will help you to choose the perfect boat flagpole socket to help present your choice of flag.

Boat Masts

The boat mast is an iconic feature found on vessels and many are the base for navigation lights, flags, pennants, club burgees, wind indicators and down lighting. We have a range of hand made in England, high gloss finished, mahogany boat masts for boat sizes.