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Environmentally Friendly Boating

Gone are the days every boat was powered by wind! How ever environmentally friendly sailing can be, this form of boating is not ideal for everyone! The environmentally conscious boater can find numerous products, from eco-friendly boat cleaners to state-of-the-art eco-friendly boat gadgets, for many onboard applications.

Environmentally Friendly Boat Cleaners

Not all boat cleaners are harmful to the environment and marine life. There are several eco-friendly cleaners available for use on your boat that produce excellent cleaning results but do not use harmful chemicals that may pollute the environment!

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Environmentally Friendly Toilet Chemicals

Environmentally friendly boat toilet cleaners and chemicals are designed to accomplish the usual high standard of cleanliness you would expected with clean toilets and a pleasant aroma to mask unwanted odours whilst being as kind to the environment as possible.

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Environmentally Friendly Boating Gadgets

Sailing is perhaps the most environmentally friendly mode of transport! But for those of you without a sail there are still lots of eco-friendly boat gadgets available that can help off-set that carbon footprint! From wind-up torches, solar panels and portable solar showers to air operated bilge pumps.

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