Electric Bilge Pumps

Submersible Electric Bilge Pumps

Electric Bilge Pumps are great for situations where you want a simple system to remove water from your bilge in an emergency. Simply turn the bilge pump on and off as you wish.

Rule Submersible Bilge Pump - 360GPH
from £23.29
Save: £3.83 (14%)
Whale Bilge Pump Orca - 500
from £15.99
Save: £3.77 (19%)
Inline Water Pump IL200P
Save: £5.34 (12%)
Inline Water Pump IL280P
Save: £8.46 (14%)

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Automatic Submersible Electric Bilge Pumps

Automatic Electric Bilge Pumps are ideal when you either can't access or see the part of the bilge where you have water. The automatic pumps feature built in float switches meaning that they start pumping when water is detected so they can be left alone to make sure you have a dry bilge.

Rule Automatic Bilge Pump 500GPH
from £76.60
Save: £11.48 (13%)
Rule-Mate Eco Bilge Pump - 500GPH
from £73.60
Save: £12.28 (14%)

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Bilge Pump Switches

Bilge pump switches work with both electric bilge pumps and automatic bilge pumps, in their simplest form they provide an on/off switch for your pump. More advanced switches are advised for use when installing an automatic bilge pump, these feature an on/off/automatic switch allowing the pump to be automatically or constantly on as desired offering complete control of your pump.

Rule 2-Way Bilge Pump Switch
Save: £2.76 (9%)
Rule 3-Way Bilge Pump Switch
Save: £2.99 (9%)
Bilge Pump Switch Illuminated
Save: £3.90 (9%)

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Bilge Pump Float Switches

Bilge pump float switches allow you to turn any basic electric bilge pump in to an automatic pump. The float switches connect inline next to the bilge pump and as water is detected they switch the pump on. When fitting a float switch it is advisable to fit a bilge pump switch with an on/off/automatic switch.