The Queen's Diamond Jubilee River Thames Pageant

The Queen is celebrating her Diamond Jubilee with a River Thames pageant and over one thousand boats are expected to celebrate with Her Majesty The Queen on Sunday 3 June 2012.

If you are in the London Pageant, or celebrating along your own waterways, its time to start preparing your vessel and crew! From Diamond Jubilee London Pageant flags to celebration horns, boat polishes to help shine your boat and crew equipment such as lifejackets and fenders are just some items to consider.

London Pageant Flags

Decorate your boat for the London Jubilee River Pageant with Flags, Red Ensigns and Club Burgees. Install a new Boat Flagstaff for The Queens Celebrations and fly the flag for the Jubilee pageant. Drape decorative Diamond Jubilee bunting on your boat and be ready for the cameras!

Boat Crew Clothing & Accessories

Get the crew ship shape for the festive Jubilee River Pageant with lifejackets, deck shoes and warm jackets. It is a requirement to ware a lifejacket during the London Pageant for everyone onboard. It is also a good idea to have safety equipment to hand including life rings and boat hooks.

Deck Shoes - Sport Grey 8
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Deck Shoes - Ladies Sky Blue 3.5
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Sailing Gloves
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Boating Baseball Caps
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Classic Lifebuoy Ring
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Sharx Shoes - Lilac
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Wooden Boat Hook Chrome Head
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Plastic Lifebuoy Ring
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Entertaining Onboard

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee is a year long party so what better way to entertain friends and family than on the water. Boat ovens and boat heating along with champagne and wine glasses are the perfect way to celebrate on your boat during the Jubilee festivities.

Magazine Rack Chrome
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Freeman Navigator Seats
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Ships Bell 75mm Chrome
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Boat Cleaning Equipment

The stage is set. The cameras are rolling all around the waterways. Is your boat ready for the Jubilee Pageant? Clean and polish your boat for the eyes of the World to see! Take a full boat cleaning kit with you during the year to shine and show off your boat to local and international press!

Star brite Boat Wash in a Bottle
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Star brite Marine Polish with PTEF
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Water Fed Telescopic Wash Brushes
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Star brite Vinyl Cleaner and Shampoo
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