Summer Boating Essentials

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Below we have compiled a list of useful boating items to help you enjoy the summer afloat wherever you may be cruising, sailing, or walking.

Boat Safety Equipment

Having fun on the water during the summer is great! BBQ's along the river bank, canoe adventures around lakes and kayaking on the sea are all great adventures. Ensure you are ready for your adventure by preparing early and having all the right safety equipment incase the unthinkable happens. Having boating safety equipment to hand can go some way to preventing serious accidents on the water. Lifejackets, boat hooks, horns, torches, rescue lines and rescue ladders are just the start!

Crewsaver Petfloat Pet Buoyancy Aid
from £44.99
Save: £7.01 (13%)
Trem Security Rope Rescue Line
Save: £6.11 (17%)
Removable Boarding Ladders
from £52.95
Save: £7.71 (13%)
Trem Orion Horseshoe Lifebuoy
Save: £1.61 (3%)
Waveline Horseshoe Lifebuoys
from £59.99
Save: £24.17 (29%)
Emergency Rope Boarding Ladder - 5 Step
from £10.99
Save: £4.29 (28%)
Telescopic Boat Hooks
from £20.95
Save: £2.62 (11%)
Aluminium Boat Hook
Save: £1.19 (8%)
Crewsaver Response 50N Buoyancy Aid Front View
from £24.96
Save: £5.87 (19%)
Sea Searcher Magnet
Save: £2.04 (6%)
Plastimo Trophy Buoyancy Aid
from £32.99
Aqua Marine Jive Overhead 50N Buoyancy Aids
from £35.95
Save: £9.05 (20%)

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Boat Fenders

With so many boats likely to be on the waterways this season make sure you are prepared and looking smart with a set of new boat fenders.

Anchor Straight Fender 45 x 13cm
from £12.99
Save: £1.43 (10%)
Anchor Ball Fenders 40 x 36cm
from £31.99
Save: £3.03 (9%)
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 66 x 43 x 14cm
from £38.95
Save: £3.79 (9%)
Anchor Straight Fender 55 x 15cm
from £16.50
Save: £1.52 (8%)
Anchor Straight Fender 65 x 20cm
from £22.99
Save: £6.04 (21%)
Anchor Marine Ball Fender 52 x 40cm
from £44.70
Save: £3.72 (8%)
Short Fender Ropes
from £3.35
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 48 x 31 x 20cm
from £38.99
Save: £3.75 (9%)
Anchor Marine Corner Fenders
from £25.95
Save: £2.89 (10%)
Anchor Marine Low Profile Corner Fenders
from £32.85
Save: £2.68 (8%)
Anchor Marine Stern or Bow Fender
from £47.99
Save: £4.01 (8%)
Anchor Quayside Dock Fender
from £22.95
Save: £1.25 (5%)
Anchor Single Eye Straight Fender 74 x 22cm
from £27.95
Save: £6.05 (18%)
Fender Flutes
Save: £6.68 (32%)
Anchor Marine Ball Fender 67 x 56cm
from £52.28
Save: £4.36 (8%)
Anchor Marine Straight Fender 80 x 20cm
from £29.95
Save: £2.50 (8%)

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Dinghies, Kayaks & Inflatables

Get closer to the water with an inflatable dinghy, inflatable kayak or rigid tender. From lightweight dinghies that can fit in to the car for beach trips to larger dinghies with built-in engine mounts there are lots of ways to enjoy the water with a small tender.

Boat Refrigeration

Staying cool in the Summer is always one of our many objectives. Making sure food stays fresh and the bubbly is chilled is also up there! With our range of 12 volt Boat Fridges you can install a compact fridge or freezer on to your boat with ease. Alternatively you can keep items cool with a 12 volt coolbox which is idea for a day on the river.

Isotherm Cruise 42 Refrigerator
Save: £251.97 (31%)
Dometic Waeco Coolmatic CRX-50 Refrigerator
Save: £236.45 (28%)
Dometic CoolFreeze CF-11 Refrigerator
Save: £117.05 (23%)
Dometic Coolmatic CRE-50 Fridge Freezer
Save: £141.95 (22%)
Dometic Coolmatic CRE-65 Fridge Freezer
Save: £74.61 (11%)
Dometic Coolmatic CRX-65 Refrigerator
This product is not currently available
Dometic Coolmatic CB40 Fridge
Save: £122.17 (12%)
Dometic CoolFreeze CFX-28 Refrigerator Lid Open
Save: £54.29 (7%)
Dometic Tropicool TCX-21 Thermoelectric Coolbox Lid Open
This product is not currently available

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Boat Drinking Water Treatment

Keeping your boat fresh water system, including water pumps, pipes, calories, and taps, clean and in good working order prior to boat storage is useful. A good cleanse of the system can remove calcium, bacteria, and viruses whilst also helping to prolong your system elements. A deep freeze during storage of undrained water systems can also cause significant problems to hardware, sometimes forcing new equipment to be installed in the Spring.

Boat Galley Equipment

Staying onboard a boat for a period of time, albeit for a long weekend, a few weeks, a couple of months or even more can rely a lot on what happens in the boat galley! Cooking onboard a boat is a lot more fun and effective with all the boat sized equipment you may need to hand including boat cookers, dish drainers, folding cup holders and folding toasters to mention a few!

River Thames Books, Maps & Guides

During the season, while out boating, a guide to your waterway is essential, whether it be a River Thames Boating Book, a River Thames Map or book on the adjoining waterways it is always handy to have information at your finger tips. Even though you can generally only go either up or down stream the maps and books guide you to lock locations, hazards, boatyards and mooring locations along the river.

Personal Boating Equipment

Getting afloat during the warm summer months is fun for everyone, the Captain controls the vessel with skill, the first mate makes everyone feel welcome, and the crew ensure you set sail and help negotiate locks! Many of us may find ourselves filling all of these positions so get prepared with all the necessary personal boat equipment such as boat shoes, life jackets and sailing gloves to accommodate all that boating can throw at you!

Boat Cockpit Tables

Installing a boat table to the cockpit area of your boat is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful sunset and calm surroundings whilst drinking a nice bottle of wine and eating a fresh summer salad. A removable cockpit table extends the use of the space onboard by providing your very own private al fresco dining experience.

Boat Toilet Equipment

One of the beauties of boating these days is that almost all home comforts can be installed on your boat with a little work and inspiration, including everything you may need for a very modern boat toilet cloakroom. Everything from environmentally friendly toilet chemicals, boat sized mini toilet brush and toilet roll holders, to rapidly dissolving toilet paper and toilet servicing kits help keep everything flowing in the right direction!

Jabsco Manual Toilet - Regular
from £169.99
Save: £52.91 (24%)
Jabsco Lite Flush Toilet - Foot Switch
from £549.99
Save: £178.58 (25%)
Odourlos (Odorlos) - 1L
Save: £1.07 (9%)
Thetford Aqua Soft Toilet Paper
from £3.49
Save: £1.50 (30%)
Dometic Sanitation & Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Save: £8.71 (54%)

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Boat Canopy Fittings

Boat canopy hood repair and maintenance is an essential job at this time of the year. The canopy bars will have had some use by now so check that everything is in order for the winter; the canopy still has to work during the autumn months too! Everything from boat canopy clips, canopy pegs, hood slide kits and the latest split jaw canopy clamps are available to help repai or improve boat hood configurations.

Boat Mooring Ropes

Ensure you have safe, clean mooring ropes during the year so they work safely. Pre-spliced mooring ropes are very popular as they can be used straight out of the bag; but for long mooring ropes it is a good idea to buy boat rope by the metre.

Fresh Drinking Water

Stay hydrated this summer with a good fresh drinking water system that is clean and purified to help prevent against bacteria build up in the water system. There are several boat drinking water tank cleaners to flush your water system out and drinking water purifiers that can be popped into a water tank each time you fill up!

WaterMota Engine Service

An engine service is a regular maintenance task. Checking, repairing and replacing items that have perished is an important project. From replacing water pump impellers, seals and 'O' rings to changing the engine oil, spark plugs and contact set to replacing engine gaskets and installing new core plugs and drain taps.

Boat Engine Water Pump Impellers

It is important to make sure that your boats engine water pump is running correctly and smoothly so that the water can cool the engine down effectively. Replacing the boat engine water pump impeller regularly and keeping a spare on board can go some way to keeping you moving on the water. Replacing seals, gaskets, o-rings and grease we all help keep the water pump running smoothly.

DIY Tapes, Glues & Batteries

Keep on top of those home DIY renovations or repairs with a wide seletion of painting accessories, glues, tapes and batteries.

Boat Seating & Cushions

Sitting comfortably on board your boat is of the upmost importance! If the captain is not happy the ship is not a happy environment. Choose from a selection of boat captain seats, boat navigator seats, boat seat pedestal frames and economic boat helm seat to exquisitely crafted hand made British boat helm seats.

Waveline Folding Helm Seat
from £49.99
Save: £10.00 (17%)
Waveline Deluxe Folding Navy Blue Helm Seat
This product is not currently available
Freeman Navigator Seats
from £199.95
Freeman Helmsman Seats
from £249.95
Seat Pedestal - 33cm (13")
from £37.99
Save: £34.12 (47%)
Adjustable Seat Pedestal & Slider - 43-66cm
Save: £19.77 (10%)
Removable Seat Swivel & Lock
Save: £4.59 (11%)
Plastimo Folding Helm Seats
from £69.99
Save: £14.13 (17%)

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British Seagull® Outboards

Most people have heard of British Seagull®. Whether you grew up with one, have inherited your parents, or have recently got into boating and started tinkering with one. British Seagull is synonymous with British marine heritage. This classic outboard is a staple still today. With a hugh following around the world we still concentrate on manufacturing the spare parts to keep the British flag flying.

So why not go into your garage or shed and uncover that classic motor that has been lying in wait for a rainy day and see if you can get it going again! We would love to see how you get on too, and look forward to seeing as many as we can roaring back into life!