Winter Boat Projects

Winter Projects

The winter months for boat owners can seem very long. Short days, adverse weather conditions and rarely a hope to use your boat! However, the winter months actually provide the perfect opportunity to carry out work on your boat. From underwater repairs to re-antifouling the bottom, cleaning and general maintenance to undertaking routine engine services and even installing new gadgets; all in time for the Spring launch.

Get inspired by exploring our Projects & Solutions Mini Guides for useful ideas for the practical boat owner.

Boat Hull Cleaners

After a seasons work splashing through the waves your boats hull maybe quite dirty. Below the waterline you may find mussels, algae and other foreign matter and above the waterline calcium and black streaks may have built up. Here are a few effective boat bottom cleaners which can help to clean such marks off.

Star brite Boat Bottom Cleaner
from £26.95
Save: £9.69 (26%)
Star brite Black Streak Remover
Save: £5.90 (26%)
Y-10 Fibreglass Stain Remover
Save: £1.63 (9%)
Star brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner
Save: £3.50 (17%)
Star brite Boat Wash in a Bottle
from £10.95
Save: £3.07 (22%)
Star brite Rust Stain Remover
Save: £6.90 (27%)
Star brite Premium Teak Cleaner
Save: £6.18 (26%)
Star brite Sea Safe Hull Cleaner
Save: £14.21 (42%)
Star brite Sea Safe Boat Wash
This product is not currently available
August Race Anti Scale
Save: £6.00 (25%)
Star brite Instant Hull Cleaner Gel Formula
Save: £9.89 (26%)
August Race Bright Coat Gel Coat De-Stainer
Save: £6.00 (25%)
Star-brite Ultimate Magic Sponge
Save: £1.42 (29%)
Ecoworks Marine Eco Rib Cleaner
Save: £4.61 (25%)
August Race GRP Sealer
Save: £4.01 (18%)
Owatrol Deck Cleaner
Save: £0.47 (2%)

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Boat Antifoul Paint - Choose the right paint

An important project for boats out of the water is the routine re-antifouling. Antifouling helps protect the bottom of your boat from the build-up of unwanted matter, algae, and mussels that can be obtained from a season afloat. Launching with fresh boat antifoul paint and waterline paint gives the hull a fresh layer of self-eroding protection.

Hempel Underwater Primer - 750ml
from £24.60
Save: £4.06 (14%)
Hempel Classic Antifouling 2.5L
Save: £11.21 (20%)
Hempel Broads Antifoul 2.5L
Save: £17.77 (23%)
International Boatguard 100 Antifoul
Save: £19.25 (23%)
Hempel Cruising Performer Antifoul 2.5L
Save: £28.77 (29%)
Hempel EcoPower Cruise Boat Antifoul 2.5L - True Blue
Save: £13.40 (19%)
Hempel Tiger Xtra Antifoul 2.5L
Save: £41.68 (32%)
International Cruiser 250 Antifoul 3L - Blue
from £89.95
Save: £36.25 (29%)

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Boat Antifoul Preparation - Plan & be ready to paint

Preparing your boat for re-painting the antifouling in the Spring is a vital exercise before you begin applying the paint. Make sure the surfaces are cleaned, masked up, and that you have all the equipment necessary to complete the job.

Star brite Boat Bottom Cleaner
from £26.95
Save: £9.69 (26%)
Star brite Instant Hull Cleaner Gel Formula
Save: £9.89 (26%)
Painting Kit
Save: £8.75 (47%)
3M ScotchBlue 2090 Masking Tape
Save: £0.67 (12%)
Masking Tape 25MM x 50M Roll
Save: £0.09 (3%)
Cottam Precision Paint Brush with Stainless Steel Ferrule - 3"
from £0.79
Paint Roller Kit
Save: £0.43 (7%)
Owatrol Paint & Antifouling Stripper
Save: £0.96 (4%)
Star-brite Ultimate Magic Sponge
Save: £1.42 (29%)
Mini Paint Roller Kit
Save: £0.05 (1%)
Y-10 Fibreglass Stain Remover
Save: £1.63 (9%)
Anza 30mm Paint Scraper
from £7.88
Harris Ultimate Gloss 1" Paint Brush
from £4.17
Save: £0.34 (8%)

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Boat Underwater Gear

It is well worth checking the underwater gear for damage whilst out of the water. Especially looking for damage to propellers, rudders, propeller shafts, cutlass bearings and the accessories that go with the underwater gear setup - repair or replace with new if required.

Boat Anodes - Replace the sacrificial anode before launch

Anodes are designed to help guard against corrosion of underwater gear such as, propellers, shafts and rudders which are vital to the vessel. It is important to check that an anode is in good working order and free from paint or other coverings. A regular anode change could prevent unnecessary and expensive repairs.

WaterMota Engine Service

An engine service is a regular maintenance task. Checking, repairing and replacing items that have perished is an important project. From replacing water pump impellers, seals and 'O' rings to changing the engine oil, spark plugs and contact set to replacing engine gaskets and installing new core plugs and drain taps.

Boat Bilge Maintenance

Looking after your boats bilge is an important task. Bilge cleaners and bilge paints help keep engine bays tidy and can aid identification of potential engine problems by highlighting signs of leaking. Bilge pumps withdraw unwanted water and bilge blowers remove potentially hazardous fumes; helping to improving safety onboard.

Whale Gusher Urchin Fixed Handle Bilge Pump
Save: £14.30 (20%)
Whale Mk5 Universal Pump Service Kit
Save: £3.44 (8%)
International Danboline Bilge Paint
Save: £3.74 (13%)
Star brite Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner
Save: £11.36 (47%)
Hempel Bilge & Locker Paint
Save: £2.32 (9%)
Jabsco Amazon Bilge Strainer - 25mm (1")
from £23.68
Save: £0.36 (1%)
Rule Submersible Bilge Pump - 360GPH
from £23.29
Save: £3.83 (14%)
Bilge Pump Switch Illuminated
Save: £3.90 (9%)
Whale Bilge Pump Orca - 500
from £15.99
Save: £3.77 (19%)
Jabsco Amazon Service Kit
Save: £0.50 (2%)
Rule 2-Way Bilge Pump Switch
Save: £2.76 (9%)
Whale Supersub Smart 650
Save: £11.61 (14%)
Jabsco Bilge Pumpgard Strainer 3/4" Hose
Save: £0.31 (2%)

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Boat Upgrades

Whether it be a new splash of boat paint, perhaps changing the theme of your boat, or a completely new cooker and gas system for the Boat Safety Scheme, a new boat heating system or boat hot water system or even a new boat toilet system you can usually upgrade your boat to enjoy the luxuries of home living onboard!

Boat Painting & Varnishing

Hempel Non-Slip Deck Coating
Save: £2.62 (9%)
International Interdeck - White
Save: £4.41 (13%)
Hempel Pre-Clean Cleaner
Save: £2.95 (14%)
Hempel Brilliant Gloss
Save: £4.32 (14%)
Hempel Brilliant Gloss - Pure White
Save: £11.53 (14%)
Epifanes High Gloss Clear Varnish
from £12.95
Save: £1.76 (12%)
International Compass Varnish
from £19.10
Save: £2.94 (13%)
International Original Varnish
from £12.99
Save: £2.13 (14%)
Hempel Favourite Varnish - 750ml
from £21.85
Save: £3.64 (14%)
Hempel Classic Varnish - 750ml
from £24.99
Save: £4.33 (15%)
Mini Paint Roller Kit
Save: £0.05 (1%)
International Danboline Bilge Paint
Save: £3.74 (13%)
Owatrol Oil Paint Conditioner 1L
from £19.95
Save: £2.55 (11%)
Hempel Thinners - 811 (No.1)
Save: £1.35 (9%)
Hempel Paint Stripper
Save: £4.23 (8%)
Harris Classic Paint Brushes
This product has been discontinued
International Super Gloss HS Paint - White
Save: £4.03 (14%)
International Toplac - Snow White (001)
This product has been discontinued
Cottam Precision Paint Brush with Stainless Steel Ferrule - 3"
from £0.79

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Boat Heating

Extend your season afloat this year by installing a Propex HS2000 boat gas heater. The Propex HS2000E heater runs on either gas or shore power for greater convenience and is available for up to three heating outlets. Additional Propex spares are also available from heater ducting, heater vents and heater flues.

Fresh Drinking Water

Stay hydrated this summer with a good fresh drinking water system that is clean and purified to help prevent against bacteria build up in the water system. There are several boat drinking water tank cleaners to flush your water system out and drinking water purifiers that can be popped into a water tank each time you fill up!

Elsan Elsil Drinking Water Purifier
Save: £1.00 (11%)
Aqua Clean Tabs
from £6.40
Save: £1.20 (16%)
Jabsco Aqua Filta
Save: £4.55 (7%)
Jabsco Aqua Filta Refill
Save: £3.03 (7%)
Puriclean 400g
Save: £0.04
Elsan Fresh Water Tank Clean
Save: £2.00 (17%)
Aquaflow Water Tanks
Save: £3.71 (5%)
Whale Aquasource Clear Filters
from £33.12
Save: £5.52 (14%)
Water Container - 25L
Jabsco Pumpgard Strainer Hosetail
from £20.11
Save: £0.31 (2%)
Par Max 1.9 Water Pump 25
This product has been discontinued
Whale Inline Booster Water Pump
Save: £4.31 (10%)
Inline Water Pump iL200
Save: £3.04 (10%)
Shurflo Aqua King 2 Water Pump - 30psi (12v)
Save: £5.54 (5%)

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Anti-Slip Floor Covering

Anti-slip floor covering can be used on boat decks and in cockpit areas to improve safety onboard and can leave an attractive finish. Select from smaller, self-adhesive, grip pads to larger sheets that can be cut to fit different layouts, or, cleaners and colour restorers can help with repairs to existing anti-slip flooring.