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Boating Equipment Guides

Browse our boating equipment buying guides for inspiration and information about the chandlery and boating products we have available to buy. Our blog also highlights current boating trends and brand new boating products.

Alfresco Dining

Published: 17 May 2014

Autumn Cruising

Published: 31 Aug 2011

Bilge Pumps

Published: 10 Aug 2011

Boat Flags

Published: 3 Aug 2011

Boat Insurance from Haven Knox-Johnston

Published: 22 Nov 2019

Get your boat insurance from Haven Knox-Johnston with at least a 10% discount.

Boat Repair & Service Parts

Published: 3 Aug 2013

Boat Windscreen Wiper Motors, Arms & Blades

Published: 16 Jun 2016

Is it time to replace your boat windscreen wiper motors, arms or blades? With a large selection of marine grade wiper blades, arms and motors in stock perhaps the boat needs an upgrade?

Boating Christmas Gifts

Published: 16 Nov 2010

A selection of boating Christmas gifts for boat captains and crew.

Boating Special Offers

Published: 26 Feb 2015

Christmas Decorations

Published: 6 Oct 2020

Classic Boat Fittings

Published: 18 May 2010

Easter Boating

Published: 18 Apr 2011

Enjoy a wonderful experience with family and friends on the water during the Easter holidays by exploring, relaxing and sharing Easter boating trips. Why not enhance your boat with LED lighting, a chrome magazine rack, clocks and barometers and a Ship's Bell.

Electric Bilge Pumps

Published: 10 Aug 2011

Environmentally Friendly Boating

Published: 15 Dec 2010

Father's Day

Published: 2 Jun 2013

Freeman Cruisers

Published: 26 May 2010