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Anchors, Chain & Shackles

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Don't forget your anchor which is an important piece of safety kit, especially in an emergency, you should always have a method of stopping and holding your boat in the stream. An anchor also allows you to pull your boat to the bank if you breakdown.

Folding Grapnel Anchor - 1.5Kg Save 18%
from £16.99SRP £20.71
Dutton Lainson Sentinel Anchor - 8Lbs (3.7kg) Save 43%
from £24.95SRP £44.05
Grapnel Anchor Kit - 6kg Anchor Save 15%
from £99.95SRP £117.55
Guardian Utility G-5 Boat AnchorClearance Save 36%
£69.99SRP £109.40
Talamex Anchor Rope 12mm x 30m Save 9%
from £21.50SRP £23.54