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Boat Fenders

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Inflated boat fenders provide protection to your boat during mooring at your jetty or against other boats. 'straight' fenders are usually hung on the side of the boat, while ball fenders fill bow flare voids, and bow fenders protect the front nose, and the corner fenders can help prevent unwanted knocks at lower level stern edges.

There are numerous designs, colours, sizes and shapes of fenders to pick from so you should be able to kit your boat out with our wide selection of boat fenders.

Some fenders come complete with fender ropes or you can choose your own colours to match your boat. Some specialist 'narrow boat' fenders are availbe too which are usually more slimline.

Anchor Straight Fender 65 x 20cm Save 31%
from £24.95SRP £36.29
Anchor Straight Fender 55 x 15cm Save 24%
from £18.35SRP £24.23
Anchor Marine Corner Fenders Save 12%
from £27.99SRP £31.63
Anchor Ball Fenders 40 x 36cm Save 11%
from £34.95SRP £39.22
Plastimo 50 x 13cm Boat Fenders with Rope Save 6%
£16.95SRP £18.12
Plastimo 60 x 15cm Boat Fenders with Rope Save 9%
from £19.99SRP £21.90
Plastimo 62 x 21cm Fenders with Rope Save 8%
from £27.95SRP £30.53
Anchor Marine Straight Fender 40 x 11cm Save 25%
from £11.95SRP £15.90
Anchor Straight Fender 45 x 13cm Save 24%
from £14.72SRP £19.38
Anchor Single Eye Straight Fender 74 x 22cm Save 34%
from £29.99SRP £45.68
Anchor Marine Ball Fender 52 x 40cm Save 10%
from £47.95SRP £53.11
Anchor Blue End Straight Fenders Save 10%
from £18.80SRP £20.90
Anchor Marine Ball Fender 67 x 56cm Save 9%
£57.60SRP £63.35
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 28 x 15 x 13cm Save 9%
from £18.35SRP £20.17
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 48 x 31 x 20cm Save 11%
from £41.95SRP £46.88
Anchor Ball Fender 30 x 23cm Save 31%
£14.38SRP £20.83
Anchor Ball Fender 33 x 20cm Save 9%
from £19.50SRP £21.47
Anchor Marine Straight Fender 26 x 9cm Save 21%
from £9.25SRP £11.70
Anchor Marine Narrow Boat Fender Save 29%
from £13.35SRP £18.79
Anchor Ball Fenders 38 x 33cm Save 10%
from £24.95SRP £27.68
Anchor Marine Stern or Bow Fender Save 10%
£52.95SRP £58.75
Anchor Straight Fender 91 x 33cm Save 14%
£56.66SRP £66.10
Plastimo Ring FendersClearance Save 40%
£9.99SRP £16.67
Anchor Marker Buoy Fender Save 14%
from £15.45SRP £18.02
Anchor Marker Buoy 53 x 46cm - WhiteClearance Save 22%
£38.99SRP £50.12
Majoni Starfender 3 62 x 21cm Save 10%
from £19.99SRP £22.25
Majoni Starfender 2 58 x 15cm Save 8%
from £15.95SRP £17.39