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Boat Maintenance

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A key part to boat ownership is to maintain and repair your pride and joy. Regular maintenance to boats will help prolong their use plus it is a good feeling to cruise along on a vessel you are proud of as a captain.

Generally a good boat clean is a must with a once over in the Spring generally good practice, and a top up or two during the season helps. Boat paint and marine varnish will keep on top of the cosmetic appearance while gel coat fillers and epoxy are necessary for structural repairs.

Stainless steel screw, nuts, bolts and washers are worth using when installing boating equipment such as cleats and brackets as they will not rust, using steel scews on your boat can cause issues such as staining and can be difficult to remove when required.

Hempel Classic Antifouling 2.5L Save 20%
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Mastic Tape
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Plastic Padding Gelcoat Filler Save 34%
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Water Fed Telescopic Wash Brushes Save 14%
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Hempel Thinners - 811 (No.1) Save 9%
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Hempel Classic Varnish - 750ml Save 15%
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Hempel Brilliant Gloss Save 14%
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Hempel Non-Slip Deck Coating Save 9%
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Plastic Padding Glass Fibre Filler - 180ml Save 36%
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Plastic Padding Marine Filler Save 35%
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Star brite Rib & Fender Restorer Protector Save 26%
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Y-10 Fibreglass Stain Remover Save 9%
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Star brite Boat Bottom Cleaner Save 26%
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