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Engine Controls, Steering & Gauges

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Controlling a boat is usually the responsibility of the captain. The captain will usually have an ignition to start the engine, a steering helm (wheel) to control turning, a gear selector and a throttle control amongst others depending on the vessel. All of which require a balance for operation thus it is important to ensure these are working and are well maintained.

SeaStar Teleflex Cable Brake Save 8%
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SeaStar Teleflex 33C Single Hook Clip Bracket Save 10%
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SeaStar Teleflex 33C Cable Clevis Pin Save 10%
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Ultraflex T85 Rotary Steering Helm - Black Bezel Save 20%
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SeaStar Teleflex SH5094-1P Safe-T QC Steering Helm Save 27%
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SeaStar Teleflex Utility Stop Cable Chrome T Handle
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Steering Cable Adapter M66-D290 Save 6%
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