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Hooks & Eyes

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Lacing Hooks
from £3.77
Lacing Eyes
from £3.84
Lacing Hook - Stainless Steel Save 17%
£0.85SRP £1.02
Eye Bolt M8 x 80mm - Stainless Steel Save 25%
from £4.00SRP £5.32
Folding Pad Eyes
This product has been discontinued
Ring Bolt
Mooring Ring Eye
from £15.45
Angled Fender Eyes
from £6.36
Eye Plate 52 x 30mm Chrome
from £7.80
Clearance Plastimo Rail Mount Holding Clip Save 8%
£14.85SRP £16.16
RWO 0742 Stainless Steel Rudder PintleClearance Save 51%
£9.99SRP £20.50
NOA Stainless Steel HookClearance
Stainless Steel Hook Save 33%
£4.99SRP £7.50
Stainless Steel Fender Eye Save 5%
£1.50SRP £1.58
Stainless Steel Removable Swivel Locking Eyes
This product is no longer available