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Life on board your boat can, nowadays, be as comfortable as life at home to some extent. Most 'mod-cons' can usually be installed such as hot water, fridges, heating, HD televisions, full cooking appliances and home-style toilets to name a few.

New boat seats can improve comfort and your personality can easily be bought to your boat by renewing boat cabin cushions, choosing colours that match your style. There is an almost limitless number of boat gadgets and useful boat equipment to help improve your time on board and really help you relax while cruising too.

There are 56 products by Whale in the Living Onboard category.

Whale Gusher Urchin Handle
Save: £1.71 (8%)
Whale Mk5 Universal Pump Service Kit
Save: £2.70 (8%)
Whale Inline Booster Water Pump
Save: £2.26 (7%)
Whale Gulper 220 Water Pump
Save: £23.35 (19%)
Whale Aquasource Clear Filters
from £26.64
Save: £2.22 (8%)
Non-Return Valve 1/2" - Chrome
Save: £1.60 (9%)
Whale Elegance Shower - Mixer
Save: £10.70 (11%)
Whale Hand Water Pump Overhaul Kit
Save: £2.33 (12%)
Whale Hand Water Pump Service Kit
Save: £4.67 (19%)
Whale Hand Water Pump - Flipper
Save: £13.36 (20%)