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Metal & Glass Cleaners

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Make sure you use the correct marine metal cleaner on your boat, some boat metal cleaners can be too harsh on chrome. Autosol Metal Polish can be used on most boat metals including chrome and aluminium. Autosol Marine Shine Metal Polish is more abrasive and can be used on gelcoat as well as metals but not on chrome. Super Stainless is a marine stainless steel cleaner, it is good for removing rust marks on your stainless steel mooring cleats or stanchions, simply apply and wait!

Autosol Marine Shine Metal Polish Save 19%
from £6.95SRP £8.56
August Race Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner Save 5%
£12.50SRP £13.20
Autosol Marine Rust Ex Save 7%
£19.99SRP £21.54
Autosol Marine Glass Polish Save 12%
£14.25SRP £16.13
Renovo Window Polish - 50ml
from £12.24
Super StainlessClearance Save 23%
£16.95SRP £21.95
Plastic Scratch Remover Save 9%
£9.99SRP £10.99
Star brite Rain View Save 24%
£16.95SRP £22.31
Star brite Chrome and Stainless Steel Polish Save 28%
£14.50SRP £20.21