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Mooring your boat is an essential task and nothing beats having the right equipment, good quality ropes allow you to tie up with ease. Mooring stakes and lump hammers are ideal when you find a spot on the tow path to moor overnight. Don't forget good fenders, which are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they are always there to protect your boat from the bank and other boats!

Anchor Straight Fender 55 x 15cm Save 28%
from £17.50SRP £24.23
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 66 x 43 x 14cm Save 11%
from £39.95SRP £44.64
Anchor Ball Fenders 40 x 36cm Save 11%
from £34.95SRP £39.22
Anchor Marine Corner Fenders Save 13%
from £27.50SRP £31.63
Zinc Plated Mooring Ring & Base Save 25%
£14.99SRP £19.99
Grapnel Anchor Kit - 6kg Anchor Save 15%
from £99.95SRP £117.55
Anchor Straight Fender 65 x 20cm Save 26%
from £24.95SRP £33.90
Long Fender Ropes
from £4.50
Mooring Stakes
This product is not currently available
Galvanised Bollard - 150mm
£15.50SRP £15.96
Lump Hammer Save 40%
£15.95SRP £26.74
Galvanised Mooring Ring & Base Save 56%
£2.50SRP £5.65
Plastimo 60 x 15cm Boat Fenders with Rope
from £18.50SRP £18.52
Fender Ropes - 6mm
from £2.60
Folding Grapnel Anchor - 1.5Kg Save 48%
from £14.92SRP £28.75
Dutton Lainson Sentinel Anchor - 8Lbs (3.7kg) Save 43%
from £24.95SRP £44.05
Short Fender Ropes
from £3.50
Majoni Starfender 1 45 x 12cm
from £9.99SRP £10.01
Majoni Starfender 2 58 x 15cm Save 5%
from £14.95SRP £15.80
Majoni Starfender 3 62 x 21cm Save 6%
from £18.95SRP £20.23
Anchor Marine 'Quicker' Fender Inflation Pump Save 31%
£11.95SRP £17.39