Mooring Equipment

Mooring your boat up is an essential part of boating, albeit at your dedicated jetty or dock, or out and about on the waterways such as the river banks or canal toe paths. Some essential products such as mooring stakes, a lump hammer and mooring lines are useful to have on board your boat, somewhere easily accessible.

If you are looking to improve your private jetty then mooring bollards come in all shapes and sizes and mooring rings can help with any 'quick-mooring' solutions you can invent! Anchors and chain are important safety measures to have on your boat too. Should you loose power or stray into diffiuclty while cruising you should be in the position to be able to 'drop the anchor' to hold you steady so you can wait for assistance - anchors are compulsory on the River Thames and now many other waterways too.

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Mooring Stakes
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Lump Hammer
Save: £10.79 (40%)
Galvanised Mooring Ring & Base
Save: £3.15 (56%)
Zinc Plated Mooring Ring & Base
Save: £5.00 (25%)
Folding Grapnel Anchor - 1.5Kg
from £13.50
Save: £15.25 (53%)
Grapnel Anchor Kit - 6kg Anchor
from £99.95
Save: £17.60 (15%)
Dutton Lainson Sentinel Anchor - 8Lbs (3.7kg)
from £24.95
Save: £19.10 (43%)
Galvanised Cleats
from £1.50
Ring Plates
from £8.95
Ring Bolt
from £10.69
Mooring Ring Eye
from £15.45