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When you're out boating and you find a nice place to stop you might need a pair of mooring stakes and a lump hammer to tie up to so you can enjoy the river bank. Mooring stakes, sometimes known as mooring pins are extremely useful, unfortunately they are often forgotten and left behind! They also don't float!

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Galvanised Mooring Ring & Base
This product is not currently available
Zinc Plated Mooring Ring & Base
Save: £5.00 (25%)
Ring Plates
from £8.95
Mooring Stake Cover
This product is not currently available
Composite Lump Hammer
Galvanised Mooring Ring & Landscape Base
from £10.99
Save: £5.01 (31%)
Small Mooring Ring & Base
Davey & Co. Bronze Shroud Plate
Save: £26.98 (28%)
Mooring Hook For Boat Hook
Save: £12.15 (23%)
Stainless Steel Anchor Ring
Save: £5.00 (22%)
Mooring Compensators
from £6.55
Galvanised Cross Bollard
This product is not currently available