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Taps, Showers & Sinks

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Whale Flipper Manual Water Pump Save 16%
£69.95SRP £83.34
Basic Chrome Taps Save 31%
£25.95SRP £37.45
Compact Modern Chrome Taps Save 23%
from £41.50SRP £54.01
Compact Chrome Taps - CurvedClearance Save 38%
£61.50SRP £98.69
Whale Elegance Single Tap Save 10%
from £37.80SRP £42.00
Whale Elegance Mixer Taps Save 9%
from £41.23SRP £45.36
Whale Elegance Long Spout Mixer Tap Save 10%
£68.05SRP £75.61
Whale Elegance Shower - Mixer Save 11%
£105.88SRP £119.36
Corner Sink
Solar Shower
This product is not currently available
Whale V-Pump Mk6 Save 20%
£42.99SRP £53.77
Seaflo Shower Sump Drain Kit Save 13%
£89.99SRP £103.90
Plastic Microswitch Single Tap Save 6%
£14.50SRP £15.46
Plastic Mixer TapClearance
Whale Swim & Rinse Recess Shower HeadClearance Save 54%
£25.00SRP £53.98
Osculati Europump Shower Sump Drain Kit
This product is not currently available
Rule 800GPH Shower Sump Drain Box Save 14%
from £166.57SRP £194.33
Rule Shower Drain Box Non-Return Valve Save 8%
£6.52SRP £7.07
Compact Flat Chrome Mixer Tap
This product is not currently available