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Environmentally Friendly

your environment is our environment too

Going Green

Sheridan Marine is always looking for ways to be greener and more environmentally friendly. It is our aim to reduce the environmental impact of our business and to operate in an environmentally responsible manner whilst still providing helpful service.

Here are just a few key examples of the efforts we go to to limit our impact on the environment:


We aim to recycle and re-use the majority of our incoming packaging. Although this means you don't receive a fancy box with our logo on it does mean that your packaging has been used before and can more than likely be used again which helps to lower our carbon footprint.

Ink Cartridges

We also send all our used ink cartridges to be recycled through a scheme in partnership with the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) to support and raise money for their on going life saving efforts. Each used ink cartridge donated to the RNLI raises up to £4.50.

Digital Publications

We have developed a Carbon Neutral digital publication of the Freeman Cruiser Projects & Solutions book which allows you to browse the book on you computer in your own time in full colour; a physical copy of the publication is also available here.

Sustainably Managed Wood

Many of the wooden products that we offer are made from eco-friendly wood. Eco-friendly wood is wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. These sustainably managed forests work hard to produce high quality wood while maintaining the future productivity of the forest, considering and harboring the needs of the present day without compromising the continuity of the ecosystem and the wildlife within.

Eco-Friendly Products

We are always keeping our eyes open for great eco-friendly boating products, from environmentally friendly toilet fluids, green boat cleaners, solar powered battery chargers to wind up torches. There's always something interesting, useful and green!

Eco-Friendly Deliveries

Your Sheridan Marine order will be dispatched to you via one of our environmentally friendly delivery companies, they work hard to make sure they are doing the best for the environment. TNT source 100% of the electricity for their depots from wind and hydro-electric power and Royal Mail, Interlink Express (Geopost) and TNT have all been awarded the Carbon Trust Standard.

The Carbon Trust Standard is an award for organisations that can prove that they have measured, managed and reduced their carbon emissions.