Spring Recommission & Refitting

The clocks have changed, the days seem longer, the sun is shining (well, for a lot of us anyway!) and a few boats are beginning to leave their winter moorings in the coming weeks. It is a great time to use boat cleaners and a boat polish to bring back the shine and carry out your boat engine service work before setting sail!

Spring Clean the Outside of Your Boat

The big Spring clean! That's right, your boat is in need of some tender loving care! Having been winterised for a while its time to get the elbow grease out,  the boat wash in a bottle, boat polish and boat canopy cleaner to brighten up the outside of your boat ready for the season ahead.

Star brite Boat Wash in a Bottle
Save: £1.93 (20%)
Star brite Marine Polish with PTEF
Save: £8.00 (24%)
Star brite Boat Wash and Wax
Save: £3.65 (19%)
Star brite Liquid Rubbing Compound
from £15.99
Save: £3.29 (17%)
Star brite Xtreme Clean
Save: £3.11 (19%)
Star brite Ultimate Water Spot Remover
Save: £4.17 (18%)
Star brite Premium Cleaner Wax
Save: £5.10 (14%)

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Boat Antifoul Paint

An important project for boats out of the water is the routine re-antifouling. Antifouling helps protect the bottom of your boat from the build up of unwanted foreign matter that can be obtained from a season afloat. Launching with fresh boat antifoul paint and waterline paint gives the hull a fresh layer of self-eroding protection.

Recommission your Boats Engine

Now that the boat has survived the winter months it's time to recommission the engine so that you can enjoy the Spring and Summer sun. Cleaning, renewing or replacing serviceable engine parts is a good way to start. Boat engine spark plugs, fan belts, oil filters, contact sets and oil are all available for a comprehensive recommission.

Boat Engine Water Pump Impellers

It is important to make sure that your boats engine water pump is running correctly and smoothly so that the water can cool the engine down effectively. Replacing the boat engine water pump impeller regularly and keeping a spare on board can go some way to keeping you moving on the water. Replacing seals, gaskets, o-rings and grease we all help keep the water pump running smoothly.

Recommission and Clean your Boats Drinking Water

Over the winter most of us empty the fresh drinking water tanks to prevent the water from freezing and causing problems throughout the pipes. When recommissioning it is a good idea to clean out the tank with water tank cleaner and add or replace the drinking water purification so that the water is fresh and drinkable.

Boat Canopy Fittings

Boat canopy hood repair and maintenance is an essential job at this time of the year. The canopy bars will have had some use by now so check that everything is in order for the winter; the canopy still has to work during the autumn months too! Everything from boat canopy clips, canopy pegs, hood slide kits and the latest split jaw canopy clamps are available to help repai or improve boat hood configurations.

Boat Fenders

With so many boats attending the River Thames London Pageant and other waterway meetings throughout the year it is important to be ready for all situations. Be sure to have adequate boat fenders to protect your boat and possibly add extra fenders if you are part of the possession in London as there is sure to be a lot of traffic!

Anchor Straight Fender 65 x 20cm
from £21.69
Save: £1.81 (8%)
Anchor Ball Fender 52 x 40cm
from £42.99
Save: £1.51 (3%)
Short Fender Ropes
from £3.35
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 48 x 31 x 20cm
from £37.99
Save: £1.51 (4%)
Anchor Straight Fender 55 x 15cm
from £15.25
Save: £1.25 (8%)
Anchor Marine Corner Fenders
from £24.40
Save: £2.10 (8%)
Anchor Ball Fenders 40 x 36cm
from £29.99
Save: £2.51 (8%)
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 66 x 43 x 14cm
from £34.58
Save: £2.92 (8%)
Fender Ropes - 6mm
from £2.60
Anchor Marine Low Profile Corner Fenders
from £29.99
Save: £3.01 (9%)
Anchor Stern or Bow Fender
from £46.28
Save: £3.22 (7%)
Anchor Marine Large Corner Fenders
from £26.30
Save: £2.20 (8%)
Fender Flutes
Save: £3.42 (21%)
Anchor Ball Fender 30 x 23cm
from £16.62
Save: £1.38 (8%)

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Boat Mooring Ropes

Ensure you have safe, clean mooring ropes during the year so they work safely. Pre-spliced mooring ropes are very popular as they can be used straight out of the bag; but for long mooring ropes it is a good idea to buy boat rope by the metre.

Boat Deck Painting

Painting a boats deck is a very fulfilling job to achieve at the beginning of the season. Once completed, the results of a finished deck paint are very pleasing and you can really see what you have achieved. Degrease the area, masking tape the borders and apply Deck Paint with anti-slip granules; then simply admire!

Anti-Slip Floor Covering

Anti-slip floor covering can be used on boat decks and in cockpit areas to improve safety onboard and can leave an attractive finish. Select from smaller, self-adhesive, grip pads to larger sheets that can be cut to fit different layouts, or, cleaners and colour restorers can help with repairs to existing anti-slip flooring.

Boat Seating & Cushions

Sitting comfortably on board your boat is of the upmost importance! If the captain is not happy the ship is not a happy environment. Choose from a selection of boat captain seats, boat navigator seats, boat seat pedestal frames and economic boat helm seat to exquisitely crafted hand made British boat helm seats.

Spring Clean the Inside of Your Boat

A boat interior clean and freshen up could be exactly what is in order. With a mild, and actually quite warm winter the boats have become a little damp inside so may need some sprucing up! Boat vinyl seat shampoo and interior shampoo along with marine mildew stain remover can help brighten your boat ready for the spring.

Boat Cleaning Tools

When cleaning a boat it is important to use all the correct equipment and tools. From clean cotton cloths to water fed cleaning brushes, classic boat deck mops to wet and dry sand paper and boat brush kits for all your boat cleaning requirements.