Summer Boating Essentials

The boating season is in full swing with family and friends enjoying the waterways, planning trips and exploring the rivers, canals and seas! Make sure your boat is ready for holiday action when you need it to be; prepare with items for cooking on your boat and enjoying meals with nautical tableware and boat tables to personal boating equipment such as deck shoes and boat hats to the essential boat toilet accessories and service items.

New to Summer 2017

New products are constantly being developed and introduced to the boating world and many grab our attention! Below is a selection of some of the latest 2017 boating products to hit our shelves. To get the very latest products to be available online visit 'New Online' and explore our online shop for even more boating products!

Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 66 x 43 x 14cm
from £34.58
Save: £2.92 (8%)
Anchor Marine Bow Fenders 48 x 31 x 20cm
from £37.99
Save: £1.51 (4%)
Anchor Marine Corner Fenders
from £24.40
Save: £2.10 (8%)
Anchor Marine Low Profile Corner Fenders
from £29.99
Save: £3.01 (9%)
Anchor Ball Fenders 40 x 36cm
from £29.99
Save: £2.51 (8%)
Anchor Ball Fender 30 x 23cm
from £16.62
Save: £1.38 (8%)
Palm Caffe Cup
from £9.95
August Race Anti Scale
Save: £6.00 (25%)
August Race Fresh!
Save: £6.00 (25%)

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O-Grill Portable Gas BBQ's

Enjoy alfresco dining on the banks of the river with the new Iroda O-Grill portable gas BBQ. Choose from two sizes of BBQ and setup your evening dining with an O-Dock table too!

Dinghies, Kayaks & Inflatables

Get closer to the water with an inflatable dinghy, inflatable kayak or rigid tender. From lightweight dinghies that can fit in to the car for beach trips to larger dinghies with built-in engine mounts there are lots of ways to enjoy the water with a small tender.

Personal Boating Equipment

Getting afloat during the warm summer months is fun for everyone, the Captain controls the vessel with skill, the first mate makes everyone feel welcome, and the crew ensure you set sail and help negotiate locks! Many of us may find ourselves filling all of these positions so get prepared with all the necessary personal boat equipment such as boat shoes, life jackets and sailing gloves to accommodate all that boating can throw at you!

Freeman Owners Club Cap
This product is not currently available
Canvas Deck Shoes
from £11.99
Folding Trolley
Binoculars 7x50 Fixed Focus
Save: £17.49 (37%)
Navigator's Log Book
from £3.90
Freeman Polo Navy Blue
from £20.00
Save: £5.99 (23%)
Freeman Polo Red
from £20.00
Save: £5.99 (23%)
Freeman Jumper Navy Blue
from £25.00
Save: £7.99 (24%)
Sailing Gloves
from £14.50
Nautical Captain Socks
from £12.99
Save: £2.00 (13%)

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River Thames Books, Maps & Guides

During the season, while out boating, a guide to your waterway is essential, whether it be a River Thames Boating Book, a River Thames Map or book on the adjoining waterways it is always handy to have information at your finger tips. Even though you can generally only go either up or down stream the maps and books guide you to lock locations, hazards, boatyards and mooring locations along the river.

Boat Safety Equipment

Having fun on the water during the summer is great! BBQ's along the river bank, canoe adventures around lakes and kayaking on the sea are all great adventures. Ensure you are ready for your adventure by preparing early and having all the right safety equipment incase the unthinkable happens. Having boating safety equipment to hand can go some way to preventing serious accidents on the water. Lifejackets, boat hooks, horns, torches, rescue lines and rescue ladders are just the start!

Boat Galley Equipment

Staying onboard a boat for a period of time, albeit for a long weekend, a few weeks, a couple of months or even more can rely a lot on what happens in the boat galley! Cooking onboard a boat is a lot more fun and effective with all the boat sized equipment you may need to hand including boat cookers, dish drainers, folding cup holders and folding toasters to mention a few!

Boat Cockpit Tables

Installing a boat table to the cockpit area of your boat is a wonderful way to enjoy the beautiful sunset and calm surroundings whilst drinking a nice bottle of wine and eating a fresh summer salad. A removable cockpit table extends the use of the space onboard by providing your very own private al fresco dining experience.

Boat Refrigeration

Staying cool in the Summer is always one of our many objectives. Making sure food stays fresh and the bubbly is chilled is also up there! With our range of 12 volt Boat Fridges you can install a compact fridge or freezer on to your boat with ease. Alternatively you can keep items cool with a 12 volt coolbox which is idea for a day on the river.

Boat Toilet Equipment

One of the beauties of boating these days is that almost all home comforts can be installed on your boat with a little work and inspiration, including everything you may need for a very modern boat toilet cloakroom. Everything from environmentally friendly toilet chemicals, boat sized mini toilet brush and toilet roll holders, to rapidly dissolving toilet paper and toilet servicing kits help keep everything flowing in the right direction!

Fresh Drinking Water

Stay hydrated this summer with a good fresh drinking water system that is clean and purified to help prevent against bacteria build up in the water system. There are several boat drinking water tank cleaners to flush your water system out and drinking water purifiers that can be popped into a water tank each time you fill up!