Winter Layup

Winter Lay-up

The winter is now slowly creeping in and, for many, the last voyage on your boat is to a marina for the winter layup and boat storage. The winter months are a testing and important time for your boat so laying it up appropriately is essential. Below are a selection of products that maybe useful for the boat winter layup.

Protecting your Boat Over Winter

Boat covers are a popular and useful addition for the storage of boats over the winter. Placing a cover on your boat, whether its a value cover or a fitted cover, helps protect it from the build up of dirt whilst also offering a degree of protection from the damaging UV rays of the sun. You can find boat covers and cover fittings below.

Boat Hull Cleaners

After a seasons work splashing through the waves your boats hull maybe quite dirty. Below the waterline you may find mussels, algae and other foreign matter and above the waterline calcium and black streaks may have built up. Here are a few effective boat bottom cleaners which can help to clean such marks off.

Star brite Instant Hull Cleaner
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Star brite Boat Bottom Cleaner
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Star brite Salt Off Concentrate with PTEF
Save: £2.91 (12%)
Star brite Black Streak Remover
Save: £2.15 (12%)
Star brite Rust Stain Remover
Save: £3.18 (18%)
Star brite Premium Teak Cleaner
Save: £3.73 (21%)
Star brite Sea Safe Hull Cleaner
Save: £4.64 (18%)
Grunt Boat Cleaner
Save: £2.50 (10%)
Star brite Sea Safe Boat Wash
Save: £3.01 (18%)
August Race Anti Scale
Save: £6.00 (25%)
Star brite Instant Hull Cleaner Gel Formula
Save: £4.53 (17%)
August Race Bright Coat Gel Coat De-Stainer
Save: £6.00 (25%)

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Keeping your Boat Dry Over Winter

During the winter layup boats can often become damp, especially if a cover is fitted because air circulation is reduced. Moisture can build up and become trapped, much like the effects in a greenhouse. Dehumidifiers and storage heaters can be placed inside your boat to help control the situation.

Protecting your Boats Engine Over Winter

It is especially important to winterise engines correctly to help protect the internals from the harsh conditions the winter period may bring. Freezing conditions can cause serious problems and it is easy to be caught out by quick temperature drops. So plan early and explore products such as fuel additives and engine parts here.

Boat Battery Maintenance

Boat Bilge Clean

Part of the winter lay-up requires the bilge to be cleaned out of water, grease and oil that can build up over a seasons use. Any water left in the bilge has the potential to freeze and cause problems. Cleaning the bilge and painting with fresh boat bilge paint also helps to identify any leaks that may appear over the winter.

Star brite Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner
Save: £3.53 (18%)
Rule LoPro LP900D Bilge Pump
Save: £6.45 (14%)
Whale Easy Bailer Manual Bilge Pumps
from £19.99
Save: £4.08 (17%)
International Danboline Bilge Paint
from £19.50
Save: £3.73 (16%)
Cuprinol Bilgex
Whale Supersub Smart 650
Save: £14.96 (22%)
Hempel Bilge & Locker Paint
from £19.30
Save: £2.19 (10%)
Rule LoPro LP900S Automatic Bilge Pump
Save: £10.04 (15%)
Ecoworks Marine Eco Bilge Cleaner
Save: £1.20 (6%)
Rule SuperSwitch Float Switch
Save: £3.57 (8%)
Rule Bilge Pump & Switch
Save: £5.45 (11%)
Battery Hand Pump Plus
Save: £20.04 (33%)
Battery Hand Pump
Save: £3.00 (17%)
Whale Electric Field Sensor Bilge Switch
from £31.50
Save: £2.62 (8%)
Rule Automatic Bilge Pump 500GPH
Save: £6.90 (10%)

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Winter Boat Care

It is a good idea to give your boat a post season clean before it is stored for the winter. Cleaning off dirt, grime and even algae that has built up from a season afloat will make it easier to clean in the Spring. Taking time to clean the bilges, engine bays and accessories such as fenders and ropes prolong their life span.

Star brite Bird & Spider Stain Remover
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Star brite Spider Away
This product has been discontinued
Star brite Mildew Stain Remover
Save: £3.45 (21%)
3M Vinyl Conditioner & Protector
Save: £10.99 (28%)
Odourlos (Odorlos) - 1L
Save: £1.07 (9%)
Star brite Black Streak Remover
Save: £2.15 (12%)
Star brite Rub Rail Restorer
Save: £4.64 (21%)
August Race Vinyl Bright
Save: £2.00 (10%)
Anchor Marine Fender Cleaner
Save: £3.01 (17%)
Ecoworks Marine Eco Fabric Cleaner
Save: £2.60 (12%)

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Boat Security

As a boat is often left alone for quite sometime over the winter months it might be as well to add some intruder deterrents such as boat alarms, boat locks and boat outboard locks, especially if your outboard stays on the back of the boat. We find that even the presence of a device that looks like an alarm helps in the combat against marine crime.