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3M Perfect-It Boat Wash

A general purpose boat wash, ideal for everyday boat cleaning, the special formula won't damage or remove the wax or polish from your boat.

3M Perfect-It Boat Wash - 473ml

By 3M : 09034E
Part #: CM065
Availability: Good Availability

3M Perfect-It Boat Wash - 946ml

By 3M : 09035E
Part #: CM065A
Availability: Good Availability


3M Perfect-It Boat Wash

3M Boat Wash is a high-sudsing (create lots of bubbles) general boat wash, ideal for cleaning gelcoat, removing grime, algae and general dirt from your boat. Either use Boat Wash as and when needed to keep your boat clean or as the first step of a seasonal boat clean and then follow up with 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish & Wax for a high gloss shiny finish.

3M Boat Wash is extremely cost-effective requiring only 75ml of boat wash concentrate for every 10 litres of water. The cap of the bottle doubles as a handy measuring cup equating to 10ml per capful.

3M Perfect-It Boat Wash

  • Use for general cleaning and boat washing.
  • Highly concentrated so a little goes a long way to save money!
  • Will not remove waxes and polishes applied to gelcoat.

3M Perfect-It Boat Wash Application

Simply mix the required amount of Boat Wash into the water and wash your boat with a sponge or scrubbing brush, then rinse with fresh water and dry your boat with a chamois leather to remove any streak marks.


  CM065 CM065A
Quantity 473ml 946ml

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