Accumulator Tank Bracket

Accumulator Tank Mounting Bracket

Adjustable compact easy to fit bracket for mounting accumulator tanks.

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Accumulator Tank Bracket (WA047)

By: Cleghorn Waring, Part No.: CW324

Accumulator Tank Mounting Bracket Information

The Accumulator Tank Mounting Bracket is designed to fit our 2 Litre and 5 Litre accumulator tanks allowing you to easily and securely mount the tanks to your boat. The tank is held in place using the variable length worm drive fastener attached to the mounting plate.

The bracket can easily be mounted using the key hole mounting holes, allowing for removal of the tank for maintenance without completely unscrewing it.

Accumulator Tank Mounting Bracket

Height 80mm
Width 116mm
Depth 20mm
Diameter 44-217mm

Included in the Accumulator Tank Mounting Bracket

  • Mounting Plate
  • Worm Drive Fastener

Please note: The product dimensions are for the mounting plate without an accumulator or the worm drive fastener fitted.

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