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Adapt-it 4 Crocodile Clips Cigar Socket

A simple way of getting a 12v cigar socket directly from your battery.

Adapt-it 4 Crocodile Clips to Cigar Socket

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Adapt-it 4 Crocodile Clips Cigar Socket

Simply connect this lead to a battery with the crocodile clip attachments and you have a standard 12v cigar type socket at your disposal.

Ideal for appliances fitted with cigar lighter plugs because it enables their use directly from battery terminals; for example, mobile phones, 12v chargers, 12v kettles, 12v vacuum cleaners and many more.

Adapt-it 4 Crocodile Clips Cigar Socket Specifications

Length 950mm
Please Note

Please be careful to connect this product in the correct manner.

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