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Contact Adhesive

A single pack contact adhesive, simply apply and contact to begin the strong bond.


Part #: UP060
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Contact Adhesive

This single pack contact adhesive is particularly useful as it is easy to use and provides means to glue floor matting, such as Treadmaster flooring, vinyl and roof linings.

The adhesive will begin to harden quite quickly, but the final bond strength is less than you would get with an epoxy adhesive; this does mean that it is easier to remove when you want to replace the sheets, but not as good at holding them in position for longevity.

Another important fact to consider with contact adhesives is that they begin to soften with temperature, and if your boat is in the Mediterranean you could find that on a very hot day the adhesive may soften quite considerably, it is not usually recommend to use contact adhesive in very warm climates.

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