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Adjustable Seat Pedestals

Anodised aluminium adjustable height seat pedestal with seat swivel & lock seat support and universal fixing plate for boat helm seats.

Adjustable Seat Pedestal - 43-64cm

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Adjustable Seat Pedestals

This height adjustable seat pedestal is constructed from anodised aluminium and can be raised or lowered for optimum seat position. The lock and swivel seat support on top allows for the fitting of a helm seat. Connecting your seat to the mount is made easy with the seat connecting slots on the top, each measuring 30mm x 8mm with the ability to fix seats with holes between 115mm - 200mm. Seats could also be attached using a plywood base if the holes to not marry up or further height is required.

An easy pull locking tab helps to secure and release the adjustable height mechanism. When released the pedestal can be lowered and raised to your liking, locking in place when the tab is pressed into position. With a seat swivel and lock you are also able to select a suitable seating position or allow the seat to rotate through 360 degrees. The hand twist lock can be tightened to stop the swivel when necessary.

Mounting the boat seat pedestal to the floor can be completed using bolts through the six counter sunk fixing holes on the circular base support.


Height when Lowered 450mm
Height when Raised 640mm
Base Diameter 230mm
Base Fixing Bolts 100mm
Swivel 360 degrees
Seat Support Length 170mm
Seat Support Width 170mm
Seat Support Fixing Hole Length 30mm
Seat Support Fixing Hole Width 8mm
Seat Support Connection 115 - 200mm
Seat Connections suitable used with 115 - 200mm

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