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Anza Mini Felt Paint Rollers

Fine quality mini felt rollers that give great performance and an excellent finish.

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Anza Felt Paint Roller - 10cm (PA201A)


Anza Felt Paint Roller - 15cm (PA201B)


Anza Mini Felt Paint Rollers Information

Anza felt paint rollers are manufactured with high quality materials to produce fine rollers that give excellent performance and a great finish for painting and varnishing.

Anza Felt Paint Roller Specifications

  PA202A PA202B
Length 10cm 15cm
Diameter 20mm 40mm
Connection Diameter (visual) 6mm (9mm) 6mm (8mm)
Suitable Roller Handle Diameter 6mm 6mm

Please note: These rollers are suitable for all Anza Mini roller frames.

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