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Anza Paint Roller Maxi Frame

Robust maxi paint roller frames with ergonomic plastic handle and rigid paint roller frame that provides excellent support and control.

Part #: PA200B
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Anza Paint Roller Maxi Frame

Anza Maxi paint roller frames are constructed with a high quality plastic handle and metal frame and provide excellent support and control whilst painting.

The handles ergonomic design allows for good grip and the thumb indentation at the top of the handle provides a way to stabilise and apply pressure directly to the paint roller itself, avoiding slips and runaways.

Anza Paint Roller Frame Specifications

Total Length 30cm
Frame Length 150mm
Handle Length 150mm
Handle Diameter 33mm
Connection Diameter 37mm
Connection Length 18cm
Suitable Paint Roller Connection Diameter 37mm
Suitable Paint Roller Length 18cm
Please Note

These frames are suitable for all Anza 18cm Maxi roller brush heads.

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