Anza 30mm Paint Scraper

Anza Paint Scrapers

A rigid and robust plastic handled scraper with replaceable blades.

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Anza 30mm Paint Scraper (CM9114)

By: Anza, Part No.: 661430

Anza 50mm Paint Scraper (CM9115)

By: Anza, Part No.: 661450

Anza 65mm Paint Scraper (CM9116)

By: Anza, Part No.: 661465

Anza Paint Scrapers Information

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We find the smaller scraper a handy tool for the delicate or awkward jobs such as working on the rubbing strake wood; especially around the curved section found on many of the Freemans.

The Anza Paint Scraper is a strong and well balanced scraper which is useful for scraping paint, vanish, wood etc for preparation. It is designed to work with replaceable scraping blades making it a long lasting boating tool. The Anza Scraper Blades are reversible which means each blade has two cutting edges. Each Anza Scraper comes with one Anza Scraper Blade that provides two cutting edges.

Anza Scraper Blade replacements can be found here.

Anza Scraper Specifications

  CM9114 CM9115 CM9116
Length 156mm 203mm 255mm
Handle Diameter 30mm 30mm 30mm
Blade Width 30mm 50mm 65mm
Suitable Replacement Blades Anza 30mm Blades Anza 50mm Blades Anza 65mm Blades

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