Autoglym Extra Abrasive Cleaner

Autoglym Extra Abrasive Cutting Compound

Industrial abrasive cleaner compound. Cleans heavily oxidised, scratched and hazed surfaces.

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Autoglym Extra Abrasive Cleaner - 1L (CM001)

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Autoglym Extra Abrasive Cutting Compound Information

Formulated to cut back surface to clean finish, machine or hand application and removal.

Used on boat gelcoat it can clean, brighten and polish dull looking hulls and topsides with the added benefit of helping to clean scratches and other tough marks and stains. The abrasive elements in the compound help to 'cut' the gelcoat leaving a clean and polished surface.

For best results use a fibreglass colour restorer afterwards, then followed by Marine Polish (CM003A) to protect the work you have put in!

Autoglym Extra Abrasive Specifications

Quantity 1L

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