Basic Bilge Blower Kit

Basic Bilge Blower Kit

Control the build up of fumes in your engine compartment with this basic bilge blower kit.

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Basic Bilge Blower Kit (EC015A)

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Basic Bilge Blower Kit Information

A bilge blower is a useful safety device that sits neatly below deck in the bilge and vents engine fumes that can build up beneath your feet! Bilge blowers are a recommendation of the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) office.

The bilge blower kit contains:

  • A 12 volt bilge blower
  • 4 metres of 75mm (3") ducting hose
  • A stainless steel cowl ventilator
  • A push/pull on/off switch.

The essentials of a bilge blower kit to get you started!

This kit is suitable for many small cruisers and sailing boats. It features a 75mm (3"), ignition protected blower with ducting to suit and the slim line cowl ventilator can easily be fitted to the stern of most craft. The push/pull on/off switch gives you independent control, allowing you to ventilate the bilge before and after the engine is run.

Additional items will be required such as; cables, an in-line fuse and fixings and fastenings.

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