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Battery Switch Keys

A red plastic battery switch key with metal locating pegs and keyring hole.

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Battery Switch Key (EL010A)


Battery Switch Key with Cap (EL010B)


Battery Switch Keys Information

This boat battery master switch key is manufactured from a robust red plastic with a durable metal locating peg positioned on the shaft and comes complete with a keyring hole placed on the tip of the handle.

Suitable for low amp, 12/24 volt Hella and ECS battery master switches.

Additional battery master switch keys are a must have accessory; it may be a good idea to have a few incase you get to the boat and can't find one to hand!

Battery Switch Keys Specification

  EL010A EL010B
Handle Colour Red Red with Black Cap
Terminal Diameter 10mm 10mm
Terminal Height (from handle base) 27mm 11mm
Terminal Pegs 1 1
Terminal Peg Diameter 4mm 4mm
Terminal Peg Length 3mm 3mm
Terminal Peg Height (from handle base) 18mm 18mm
Height 47mm 47mm
Width 52mm 52mm
Depth 10mm 28mm

Please note: Different battery switch keys are available to fit a variety of different battery master switches. Please be sure you are selecting the correct key.

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