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Battery Terminal Covers

Rubber battery terminal covers that provide safe insulation for covering 12v positive and negative terminals.

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Rubber Battery Terminal Cover - Positive (BB221A)


Rubber Battery Terminal Cover - Negative (BB221B)


Battery Terminal Covers Information

These solid rubber battery terminal covers help provide safe insulation for covering 12v positive and negative terminals. The hollow inside allows for the terminal, and connected wires, to sit neatly covered in a protective casing.

On these boat battery terminal covers there are two circular areas that are designed to be cut out, if required, to feed wire through to the battery connector.

Red positive battery terminal covers and black negative battery terminal covers should be used in accordance with boat regulations.

Battery Terminal Cover Specifications

Length 61mm
Width 45mm
Height 29mm
Opening Length (on underside) 31mm
Opening Width (on underside) 30mm

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