Blue Gee Bilgex

Blue Gee Bilgex Bilge Cleaner

A concentrate, biodegradable, bilge cleaner that is very effective at removing grease, oil and engine scum from engine bay bilges.

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Blue Gee Bilgex (CM046)

By: Blue Gee, Part No.: BG10001

Blue Gee Bilgex Bilge Cleaner Information

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Remember to check local authorities for regulations regarding the disposal of oils and fuel in the bilge.

Blue Gee Bilgex Bilge Cleaner is an effective concentrated degreasing agent for boat engine bilges. This high-strength bilge cleaner, when added to bilge water, will remove grease, scum, and floating oil with the normal movement of the boat. It is biodegradable and will get rid of sickening smells.

Bilgex is non-caustic and harmless to paintwork and fittings when diluted; very little does a lot of work!

Is Blue Gee Bilgex the same as Cuprinol Bilgex?

Cuprinol Bilgex has been remanufactured and renamed by Blue Gee, a brand of E. P. Barrus. Bilgex was previously manufactured by AkzoNobel under the Cuprinol Bilgex brand.

How to use Bilgex

Pour Bilgex into any shallow accumulation of water between floorboards. Leave Bilgex in the water whilst underway, then pump or clean out in the usual manner. If the boat is motionless, add Bilgex and stir bilge water. Rub down the bilge with a brush if the bilge is particularly dirty. For areas of light oily stains apply Bilgex to water and sponge or brush areas clean.

Blue Gee Bilgex Bilge Cleaner Specification

Quantity 1L

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