Boarding Ladder 180o - 2 Fixed + 2 Folding Steps
  • Boarding Ladder 180o - 2 Fixed + 2 Folding Steps
  • Boarding Ladder 180° Crook
  • Boarding Ladder Hinge
  • Boarding Ladder Brackets

Boarding Ladders with 180° Crook

Stainless Steel boarding ladders with a 180° crook and plastic steps.

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Boarding Ladder with 2 Fixed & 2 Folding Steps (ST210A)


Boarding Ladder with 2 Fixed & 3 Folding Steps (ST210B)

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Boarding Ladders with 180° Crook Information

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It is a good idea when selecting a boarding ladder to allow for at least two steps to be immersed in the water. This makes it easier to climb on to the ladder whilst in the water.

The stainless steel boarding ladders are designed to last in the marine environment, they feature a stainless steel (316L) frame and polypropylene steps. The ladders are hinged so that the bottom steps can be raised out of the water, this both aids resistance in the water and reduces wear and tear on the lower steps.

The 180° crook at the top of the boarding ladder allows the ladder to be mounted on the deck or other suitable horizontal surface. The design is not suitable for transom (or vertical) mounting. The 180° crook has the advantage of providing a holding point for the user, which is often over looked, making it easier to climb off of the ladder on to the boat.

The ladders come complete with mounting brackets to bolt the ladder to the boat, clips to hold the ladder together when the lower steps are folded up and stainless steel stand offs to keep the ladder away from the boat.

Additional removable bracket bases can be added to allow for easy removal of the ladder, the bases are compatible with the brackets supplied with these ladders.

Boarding Ladder Specifications

  ST210A ST210B
Step Configuration 2 x 2 2 x 3
Height Folded Up 620mm 680mm
Height Folded Down 1045mm 1300mm
Width 325mm 325mm
Depth 185mm 185mm
Gap Between Steps 230mm 230mm
Frame Diameter 22mm 22mm
Support Feet Length 120mm 120mm

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